Now the dust has settled, I have to say, I feel the list is underwhelming. Many cars have gone, a great deal have risen in price and a "mainstream" Peugeot, Renault, Ford etc. have advance payments more than double those of some VW and BMW comparable. Mercedes now looking incredibly pricey. There is virtually nothing for automatic drivers who need a good sized car but cannot afford any advance payment, and with the 200BHP cap we have lost the Octavia vRS and others. Perhaps cars may be added as the quarter moves on ( 4 have already) and hopefully in Q2 we shall see a better choice. Interestingly with the cap; BHP normally relates to max speed whilst greater torque aligns to quicker acceleration so the cap is a bit confusing. Ford have a 182PS petrol but its acceleration is relatively modest compared to similar powered BMW's and VW group cars as the latter has greater torque, 240NM v 350NM. Likewise the 237bhp Ford Mondeo.