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Thread: PIP Claim - help on 'use of aid or appliance to walk' question

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    Question PIP Claim - help on 'use of aid or appliance to walk' question

    i am filling in my PIP claim form having previously been awarded the enhanced mobility component of DLA for life. i have a congenital condition (impossible to improve) that prevents me from being able to walk at all without crutches. Visually i am quite obviously physically disabled and have plenty of medical evidence to back up my condition. I don't qualify for any of the daily living activities and simply want to continue getting the enhanced mobility component which, for me, as i can plan and follow the route of a journey, comes down to one question; 'How far can you walk taking into account any aids you use?'.

    My question: Is a wheelchair (electric or manual) counted as an aid? If it is then most people would be able to move more than the 20m that would prohibit them from receiving the enhanced allowance. All of the guidance i have found so far is unclear and states something like 'the use of aids and appliances that you normally use to support your physical mobility without assistance (e.g. walking sticks or frames, crutches and prosthesis) is considered.' A wheelchair is an appliance surely? Apologies if this is a stupid question, after all it does say how far can you 'walk' but i am sure you can appreciate that it is extremely important i get this right.

    I think i have a reasonable argument for not being able to walk more than 20m on my crutches as i get pain from my hips, knees and feet and have very little muscle at all in my legs. i believe that factors such as pain, breathlessness and abnormality of gait are taken into account. Therefore moving from A to B takes me a lot longer than an able bodied person. I would like to state on my form that for longer distances i use a wheelchair otherwise they may question how i get around shops for example. The fact is i try not to use a wheelchair because walking on crutches is much better exercise for me and generally i move at my own slower pace with plenty of rests where possible. No doubt if i have to go for an assessment the distance from the car park to the assessor will be more than 20m!

    i would be grateful if anyone could answer my question and any other advice would be much appreciated.

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    For pip, the criterion is how far you can physically walk using aids such as crutches, walking sticks, frames and so on.If you need a wheelchair for any distance that is classed as not being able to walk that distance at all.

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    Using a wheelchair then you are NOT walking !
    Call me Mike.

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    for esa the w/chair use is counted, for pip it isn't, if you have to use one its the distance you can walk before needing the chair that counts.

    you need to be specific on the distances you can walk on the (majority of days).

    1 day a week you can walk 100 mtr
    1 day a week you can walk 50 mtr
    4 days a week you can walk less than 20 mtr
    1 day a week you can't walk at all

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    For the purposes of PIP, it is being able to mobilise, with one biological foot on the ground, similar to above. Again as stated, crutches count as an aid - an aid being something which helps you complete a given activity, here being able to mobilise. A wheelchair, is counted as an appliance - in this situation an appliance being something which replaces an impaired physical ability, in other words you cannot 'stand' and then move, thus the chair, be it; manually propelled, electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, replaces the work the legs and feet would do.

    Having said that, there must be a need for a wheelchair, as well as aids being used, and they are not being used simply through choice.

    Believe me, I am not having a go, so to speak. I need to use a wheelchair for more than a very short distance, I say this as in my situation in the original decision for PIP I was awarded Standard Mobility.

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    Here is case law about walking through pain, it should be applicable to you.

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    thanks for the replies. The reason i asked the question in the first place is because of the guidance document sent to me along with my application form. This is the guidance in full for question 14; 'PIP2 How your disability affects you - Information Booklet GB Feb 2015':
    'Q14 Moving around - This section is about your ability to physically move around. We'll ask you about how far you can walk and if you use aids or appliances to get around, including walking sticks, frames or prostheses and wheelchairs. Tell us how long it takes, how well or often you complete this activity and if it causes pain, breathlessness, tiredness or dizziness.'

    The guidance doesn't separate the 3 parts to question 14 which is probably why i am getting confused.
    Q14a - asks how far you can walk with aids.
    Q14b - asks what aids or appliances you use
    Q14c - 'Do you use a wheelchair or similar device to move around safely, reliably and repeatedly and in a reasonable time period?'

    I've been to Citizens Advice and they were unsure as to whether a wheelchair counted as an appliance in this context. i guess that 14c is not related to 14a or 14b and the common sense position is that it's how far you can walk before you need to use a wheelchair as some of you have said and i thank you for that advice.

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    thanks firebird thats very helpful

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    Pip how long ? Esa help too

    I don't even know how to start a new thread but I would of done.
    I need help I applied for ESA first as I needed to wait for 3 months of illness till I could apply for PIP
    I applied the 20th October 2017 got my form within a week then sent it all back they got my evidence etc of my doctor. Then I needed a face to face consulatation with the assessor which happened with the 29th December 2017. I asked for my report to be sent me as I could see what was wrote and somethings I really disagree with and upse me that she didnt out stuff in like. I HAD AN ANXIETY ATTACK BECAUSE i WAS OPEN ABOUT MY DEPRESSION SELF HARMING AND SUICIDALNESS and she was like we need to cancel the assessment I started crying etc my mom had to come in calm me down. That wasnt put in. Im so terrified im not gonna get any money at all. As it is for my mental illnesses and physical illnesses Im quite an ill 24 year ol girl. Anyway tracked off abit I was wondering if anyone know how long i could be waiting for my decision now that Ive had it passed over to DWP.

    Also I claim ESA but i found i could be on possibly the wrong rate for my illness and disability I only get 50 a week for it where as my friend has same conditions and she on like 120 a week. Am i being done out of money here ??

    Id appreciate any help or advice of you lovely lot :*
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    Hi and welcome

    Try not to worry about the assessment (this was for PIP wasn't it?). If you are refused then you can appeal the decision. We can help with the process.

    As regards your ESA as you are under 25 you are receiving the assessment rate.

    See here:

    Once you have had a work capability assessment then your money will rise according to which group you are put in. From the sound of it your friend has already had their WCA and been placed in a group. If they haven't had their WCA they may be getting premiums added to their assessment rate. Difficult to know without more details.

    In any case your money sounds about right if you are still waiting to be assessed.

    Hope this makes sense. Come back with any other questions and we will try and help.

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