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Thread: Recording interviews & phone calls

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    Recording interviews & phone calls

    A lot of replies to problems mention recording interviews and phone-calls which seems sound advice given all the problems and outright lies employed to reduce the benefit bill.
    What do people use to record relevant conversations?, and, Do you tell the other person?
    I've been looking on eBay and personal Dictaphones seem to range from around a tenner into the hundreds.

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    Personaly I would advise against it. On the legal side, you must tell whoever that you are recording them, this may mean that they are not prepared to talk to you. Also, you may well find that your own attitude of mistrust will only be returned.
    I fully appreciate that some feel it is a necessary ploy to combat the outright corruption that some have experienced, but......not for me.

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    In this day and age I find it very frightening that we have to resort to these tactics, I can understand that the police have to use them for questioning a suspect, but we have done nothing wrong, or is it now wrong to be disabled.
    To be honest would you be allowed to tape an whole interview??
    would it stand up in a court of appeal as you did not tell the interviewer that your recording it ??
    as this could come under the law as “entrapment” you have deliberately concealed a recording device.
    I think you will have to take this up with the interviewer, but I think the answer will be no, but it would be better if they had the same equipment that the police use a double tape recorder you have a copy and so do they.
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    All interviews under caution are recorded anyway. For Tribunal hearings and all other face to face interviews a written transcript is made which - in the case of non Tribunal interviews - should be shown to the person interviewed for checking and signing at the end. Usually in those situations there shouldn't be cause for any dispute later.
    The problem these days is more likely to be with medicals, where the information gathered goes straight onto computer and isn't immediately available for the individual to see and verify. I agree - recording the proceedings would more than likely be viewed as illegal unless agreement had been made beforehand. But there is often more to a medical than would be captured on a recording anyway.
    All the more reason I believe to always have someone with you at a medical - and for that person to make notes as well, which isn't illegal. It may not be very welcome, but they can't do anything about it.

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    A Truecall machine is Rolls Royce of machines to use at home to deflect any unwanted nusisance or unsolicted calls you don't want to receive, as well as a recording facility at the press of a button. It has a memory card from which you can download the recordings onto your PC. Because of the memory card, even if you decide to record half way through, it will still give you the full conversation.
    Cost is upwards of £60 depending where you buy from, but well worth it if you can stretch to it, especially if you are plagued with nuisance calls.

    You don't have to tell anyone you are recording a telephone call, but you are legally not allowed to replay it to anyone but yourself. the way round this is to produce a written transcript, which can be read by anyone. I did this when complaining to Trading Standards a few years a go and they accepted and used the transcript. In a court case the transcript can be entered and used, if he wants a Judge can ask for the recording to be played .

    For ATOS medicals we now have the right to ask for the medical to be recorded .You have to clearly state this request on the ESA form you return prior to the mecical being arranged. Because they allegedly have so few available recording machines available this can delay your medical assessment. Much better to do this than try illegally recording a medical I'd think as they can't question the validity or quality of the recoding

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    Here is a link to the recording of conversations which i hope may clear up a few things.

    Notice that it states 'Person to Person Between two private individuals it is not prohibited to record conversations. It is when the information is passed on where the trouble can occur, third parties.

    Forgot to add, this could be ideal in situations so that afterwards you can take notes which will give a true account of events as they happened.


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    I cannot see how it could be illegal, after all we are recording any conversation in our brain and using a machine as an 'aide-memoir' shouldn't really make a difference.
    Thanks for the link, it sort of reinforces what I thought the position was.
    I'm getting a small digital recorder for personal use as I am finding that I am forgetting quite a lot of things and intend to use it as a sort of post-it note to myself to keep on top of things & not worry the wife & kids.
    I'm pretty sure it's down to the vast amount of med's I swallow on a daily basis so I'm not too worried (yet) & I guess if I was in a medical the subject will be discussed anyway.

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    where the information gathered goes straight onto computer
    if that is the case which it is, we should have a copy there and then at the interview and by rights they should match if it goes to appeal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davewhit View Post
    It is legal to record without telling anyone your medical there is a link on B&W I think to an answer in Parliment when this was brought up. They have the right of course to stop medical if your found to be doing so.

    If you want to use recording at tribunal you would have to hand over a copy to tribunal and DWP of course they have the right to put there own spin on and rebut anything you have said and I think like any "evidance" put forward the Tribunal can put any weight on it they like
    Interesting that this has been raised in parliament, I'm not sure that this would overide Law. My understanding is that whilst you could record, using it as evidence is debatable as proving the recording had not been tampered with is the problem, hence the double tape used by police.
    It is indeed a sad state of affairs that we have to have this debate.

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    There was a case a few weeks ago when a young lad recorded a police officer using racist abuse. He switched on his mobile phone whilst it was in his pocket and gave a copy to his MP & the press.
    I don't think anyone told the lad it was illegal.

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