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Thread: Pressure selling. Can the price of a car go up next quarter?

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    What are your requirements in a vehicle?
    How many seats?
    Age of kids? Do they need child seats?
    Size of boot?
    Height of boot lip?
    How many miles do you drive?
    Motability Car History
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    06/12-07/15; Ford C-Max 2.0 Diesel Titanium Powershift; 35,400 miles; avg 37.8mpg
    07/15-09/17; Skoda Octavia 1.6 Diesel SE-L DSG; 28,200miles; avg 43.9mpg
    09/17-Present; VW Touran 1.4 Petrol SE DSG; 9,000miles; avg 36.2mpg (29.4 - 43.9mpg)

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    So, we finally got round to taking the car for a test drive (they wouldn't allow us to have it for the day, only for 20 minutes and a supervised drive)
    and after making use of the adjustments my wife was very comfortable driving it.

    After we got back from the test drive the dealer asked if we were interested in the car and MY wife told him we were also looking at the Hyundai Tucson; the dealer took exception to this and asked us how much the Tucson advanced payment is. Lis told him it was 350 for basically the same car. The dealer then said: "You're not having a Tucson, I've looked after you." went and spoke to his manager and agreed to give the sportage for the same price as we quoted for the Tucson! So over all, we're extremely happy with what we have and have got it a reduced price!

    Thanks for all the advice and experiences guys

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