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Thread: Full Impact Assessment of Universal Credit Published

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    Exclamation Full Impact Assessment of Universal Credit Published

    The wonderful jargon hides some stark facts:-

    Other key non-monetised costs by ‘main affected groups’

    However in the long run around 2.8 million households would have notionally lower benefit receipt under Universal Credit than in the current system. Since these individuals are typically on lower than average incomes the impact on individual welfare may be proportionately higher.
    The assumptions are breathtaking:-

    Overall this could lead to the equivalent of up to 300,000 additional people in work from improved financial incentives. These estimates take into account cases where people may be less likely to participate in the labour force, or may reduce their hours. The overall increase in employment would lead to direct economic value, as well as having a positive impact on health impacts and crime levels.

    There is an increase of £2.3bn due to changes in entitlement rules and increased take-up, which is offset by an estimated £2.2bn of savings due to reduced fraud, error and overpayments
    the assumption that those worse off will "just get a job" is silly to say the least:-

    there will be some households whose benefit income is notionally lower than it would have been under the old system. However, in many cases these households will be able to increase their income because of the improved gains to work provided by Universal Credit.
    The killer fact is that 2.8m households will be WORSE OFF UNDER UC!

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    that was always a given considering the whole process is not even fully prepared yet.

    hence why other MPs have been trying to get Cameron to put it off for a year but since when has that greedy bugger listened to anyone?

    do you know how people on benefits will get UC ians? do they just automatically get switched to universal credit or are there more forms that'll require filling?

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    There are some "transitional arrangements" but as the IA says huge numbers of people (probably about 5m) will lose out. Many will be transferred to UC from things like Income Support were only one member of the household claims anyway. For other benefits that more than one member of a household claims the procedure is less clear.

    UC will replace:

    income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
    income-related Employment and Support Allowance
    Income Support
    Child Tax Credits
    Working Tax Credits
    Housing Benefit.

    The massive amount of regulations are a nightmare:-

    The Universal Credit Regulations 2013;

    The Employment and Support Allowance Regulations 2013;

    The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 2013;

    The Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance (Decision and Appeals) Regulations 2013;

    The Universal Credit (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2013;
    • T
    he Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Jobseeker’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance (Claims and Payment) Regulations 2013; and

    The Social Security (Payments on Account of Benefit) Regulations 2013.

    Some Local Authorities have published guides to what will happen so it is worth consulting your own LAs website.

    There is some more info here plus any latest documents

    There are no updates on the DWP site at the moment
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    I don't have the link to hand but it was reported the other day that UC has a current test failure rate of 25%.

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    Everyone but IDS knows that UC is not ready.

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    it is not ready and maybe in a few months it will be announced, a delay

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    Quote Originally Posted by CTCELT88 View Post
    Everyone but IDS knows that UC is not ready.
    same could be said for IB then ESA benefits are always a work in progress

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    It's all as clear as mud to me to be honest. My daughter is on IS and severe disability, yes she would like to be able to do some work, but is limited in many ways. Not sure how this is going to affect her cash wise.

    Whilst I understand some of why this is being done - I think we all maybe all know of or have heard of someone who is using the system one example is a person who deliberately works less hours to get HB, I'm sure many who do get it would love the chance to find or be able to work. I myself have worked from 15 years old and now over retirement age and still work, ok I have no disability or health issues which I am grateful for. Rome wasn't built in a day but this government is having a good stab at building a new system before they are hopefully booted out at the next election
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    If your daughter gets SDA (Severe Disability Allowance) she will at some point be reassessed for ESA (Employment and Support Allowance). If she is assessed as being able to do some work she will be placed in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) and be required to get ready for work. If she is assessed as not being able to do any work then she will be placed in the Support Group of ESA and will not be required to look for work. ESA is about £70 per week compared to about £80 per week for SDA but the exact amount would depend on her circumstances and the Income Support she claims. Until she is sent a letter telling her to fill in an ESA form she will get the SDA.

    You say "I think we all maybe all know of or have heard of someone who is using the system " which I think is a reference to fraud within the benefits system. As regards the welfare reforms they are not designed to cut fraud significantly, I think the latest impact assessment for Universal Credit talks about a net difference of only £200m which is peanuts! It remains to be seen if the change to UC and PIP yield any significant drop in fraud rates, I have a feeling the figure may be swamped by the "official error" rate.

    In a recent Home Office report it was estimated there was £73bn of lost revenue in total, which dwarfs the £1.2bn lost in actual benefit frauds.

    I hope your good health continues because it is very likely that there will be no NHS left to treat you should you become ill or have an accident. You can thank Andrew Landsley for that.

    The present government are not "building a new system" they are dismantling the welfare state and NHS that has been built over the last 60 years to help the sick the aged and the vulnerable.

    The only way this Tory led government will be booted out in 2015 is if people vote Labour (yes they are not perfect) but if people vote UKIP, Green, Independent, LibDem or any other party it is a vote for the Tories. Our "first past the post" system ensures that.

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    My daughter can't see too well, cannot use her right side (which was her good side until her illness at 17yrs) she needs a scribe as can only barely write her name can walk with the aid of a walker but only from chair to chair indoors and is prone to falling because of poor balance, (I managed to get an Elk lifting cushion when she was at home) does not always understand what is being said to her (this is complicated as even I sometimes thinks she has only to find a couple of days later that she hasn't - so I have to say it a different way). Has poor concentration and easily gets tired. Needs a clos-o-mat toilet - or carer to assist and carers basically go in 3xdaily to help with showering dressing/undressing, jobs in her home She uses a powered wheelchair outside. She was actually brain injured at 17yrs and is now as good as she will ever be at 37yrs. Believe you me she was at deaths door at 18yrs old - couldn't speak, had fits, couldn't do ANYTHING for herself and was given a limited time to live - well they were wrong and it has taken me years to help her to re-train her brain, to get her to where she is at now with being as independant as she is or can ever be. She still has head and spinal scans every two years. She would actually love to think she could do a job even just part time and I would love for her to be able to have one. Previous to this illness she was a bright young student who was set to go to uni her choice of work was sorted in her mind - but it was taken from her. This is why I get so cross with how things are being done with this government as with her own hard work and mine helping her they are throwing it all into the wind. We have spent our own money on the L/A place she has, not asked for hand outs - it was to set her up for when I was no longer araound. Rant over
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