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Thread: Pension credit and Incapacity benefit

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    Pension credit and Incapacity benefit

    Can anyone help my friend is 62 this year and is claiming the above benefits what would be the consequences if he came off incapacity benefit?

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    Normally when someone reaches actual State Pension age there is no reason to continue on IB (or ESA.) But for a man at 62 - unless he gets other disability benefits such as DLA Middle Rate Care or higher - and/or SDA, or unless he has a wife who is also on the PC claim - he would probably risk being taken off PC and be required to sign on.
    If he is only on PC because of the IB, why is he thinking about stopping the IB? Many people are understandably concerned about the process of changing to ESA, but until that catches up with him he is most likely best leaving well alone. If he can get through the next 3 years he will be home and dry after all.
    He might also qualify for the PC on the basis of very long term IB alone, and if a wife is included on the PC claim it could be a disaster, depending on her own age and pension age.
    If he is still determined to come off IB I would advise him to phone the DWP Pension Service first, and simply ask them whether or not his PC would be affected.

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    I'm 63 now 64 coming up in April, and they put me through ESA, but I was thinking hard about taking my pension early and stuff it, but I though why should I, it's not me that's wrong it's them.

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    I am male and 62.5 years old - which is the retirement age of a woman - and therefore I am eligible for Pension Credit. Previously I was on Incapacity Benefit and just assumed that I would continue on that but get a few pounds extra in PC. However, I was surprised back in April when I had a letter from the Jobcentre to say that they would not be paying me any Income Support any more (Incapacity Benefit) and that the DWP would be in touch. Then the DWP phoned me (where did they get my number???) and did an assessment over the phone and I was awarded Pension Credit.

    I was so pleased at the outcome because I now do not have to submit to the ATOS examinations etc. that come with the move to ESA. Also, I get more money now. To be honest, I still can't quite believe my luck.

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    I am unemployed for a long time more than 4 years but never claim JSA . But recently applied for it . But recently I recieved a letter saying you can apply for pension credit or JSA but not both. I am 61.5 years age. Can you please advise me which will be more benefitted to me? JSA or Pension Credit. I am married and having a child of 16.5 years of age and anothe child of age 23 years of age totally depend on us. Please responce with advice with figures if you know and also pension credit age as well. The web site says the age is 65 or 67 only.
    Thanks in advance
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    I have no figures but I would suggest the best way would be Pension Credit. For one reason, if you are not on JSA they will not be forever on at you about going out seeking for work and how many jobs you have applied for.

    All I can say is what happened to me. I was on IB and IS then when I became 60 I put on Pension Credit and was taken off IS. I received quite a bit extra money so I was happy. Then when I became 65 I was taken off IB and put on State Pension and Pension Credit.
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