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Thread: annoying sales phone calls

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    annoying sales phone calls

    Does your phone ring then as you pick it up there's just silence.

    Or how do you get rid of sales people in an instant you tell them ....

    Sign up to the Telephone Preference Service - that'll get rid of 90% of irritating sales people.

    However I did experience having 4 phone calls one day and the number didn't receive return callers.

    I put my private eye hat on and discovered it was a call centre based in Southern Sudan.

    The crafty solution.

    If you find the person talking on the phone is an unwanted caller just say

    'You do realise I'm with the Telephone Preference Service and if you do want to carry on with this conversation I do charge £10 a minute'.

    It takes then 2 seconds to register what you've said before disconnecting - excellent result. Obviously the indian call centre don't know I'm bluffing but they are not prepared to take the risk.

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    My solution is that I do not answer the phone if the number is not recognized, with-held etc. If it is important, ie hospital, clinic etc, they will leave a message. I hate speaking on the phone at the best of times, and do not want to be stressed out by unwanted callers.
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    International calls are not subjected to the telephone pref service so you are wasting your time.
    The simple solution, if you have caller display is to ignore the call or use an answer machine. Another option is to pick up the phone and remain silent caller is very disconcerted by this and it's rare you ever get another call back.

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    My Solution is two Fold.

    1. I have my Telephone set to refuse all calls that are from a witheld Number. As most cold callers withold their Number I just do not get these calls.

    2. If a call does get though no problem. I have the service of Choose to Refuse on my telephone, so If I receive a call from a number I do not want to call me again I just block it and they never get through again.

    There is another answer though now. You can buy a phone where you can block and call with just a click of a button.
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    Just looked on Wiki and read that people on the Telephone Preference Service have been found to recieve twice the phone calls after registering than they had previously.

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    I have been known to just quietly lay down the receiver and let them witter to themselves
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    Just don't answer it unless I am expecting a call from somewhere that I know has number withheld. Never answer international calls, just let the answer machine take over in all cases. If it is important a message will be left.

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    Some interesting experiences and solutions.

    I think I'll make a note of any numbers starting with 00211 and ask my service provider to block them.

    Any others I'll tell them it'll cost £10 a minute to chat to me and see them run!

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    if you want to hear about a lousy company then i am with t-mobile, been with them for many years and now they have been sending loads of text messages, the other day really did it for me. over the last weeks with no phone i had been topping my mobile like crazy and noticed that i was been offered no free minutes or text and with this called their operators only to speak to someone who could hardly speak english.

    with this i told them i was getting no freebies and she said i will give you a smart pack of £10.00 but then low and behold only took my £10.00 off my balance and the worst i had only just topped it up the other day so this would of left me with hardly nothing, i was absolute fuming that such a thing would happen esp as they make multi-millions. with this i phoned back and played hell and they then refunded but talk about tight fisted company so i told them where to stick it.

    as for phone blockers you can get something cheap called cpr blocker and it won't break the bank.

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    Which? Magazine did an article on this recently and have started a petition calling on the government to take action.

    There are also some tips on there too.
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