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Thread: Anyone been to a CVD clinic?

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    Question Anyone been to a CVD clinic?

    well got another letter this morning and have now got to go to a CVD clinic after my angiogram results were reviewed by my doctors but as i am just beginning my journey with this heart stuff what does a CVD clinic do?


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    I suspect it will be a cardio vascular disease clinic and will see consultants who are supposed experts in that field. They will possibly look at your medications etc.

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    Hi mikey I read this at first as a dvd clinic I thought why would you go to clinic to watch dvds than I thought no you have mis read it it's a vd clinic then I realised it was a cvd clinic. From what I understand you had the scans in the echocardiograms know that of your hearts for this is more likely to check the circulation to your lower legs and feet.

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