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Thread: Callipers: Trad or new style?

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    Question Callipers: Trad or new style?

    As a newbie, I may not have posted this in the best place (the Equipment section), so thought I'd give it a go here:

    I have a short, weak leg and have always got on fairly well with a traditional locking steel calliper and custom boot - in fact I quite enjoy them . It's the "ischial weight bearing" style, i.e. with a "sit on" top ring. I'm now wondering whether a modern (plastic?) style calliper might be lighter and give better function. Does anyone know whether these are available in weight-bearing form, and whether one would be compatible with a four-inch raised boot? Of course I'm used to my ankle being supported by the steel uprights. Any experience or thoughts would be welcome. (BTW is it "caliper" or "calliper"? Is there a correct spelling?)


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    I've always gone for the traditional type. I don't think the plastic type would be good at weight bearing either. Also, as you point out, with a 100mm raise, your ankle would be unsupported. At the moment, assuming the sockets are at the bottom of the boot, you get a lot of extra support. Also, the plastic would probably be rather sweaty. As you say that you're fairly happy with the current arrangement, I wouldn't risk changing.

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