Hi everyone!

I am 26 and use a rollator to walk around with. I don't drive, although I used to before I became disabled (two years ago), and have come to the conclusion that I simply don't have the strength to drive myself around, loading and unloading my walker from a car.

As I am ready for more independence, I think that a mobility scooter might really help me. I want a class 3, that is road ready, so that I can dive it to the local park, or the local shop, I need it to be 'all terrain' and be able to go up a fair gradient, as there is a hill near my house.

But what I would really like, is for it to be able to carry a rollator as well. That way, I can drive my scooter to the shop or the park, and then have a little walk. I don't want a scooter to replace my walker, I want to keep pushing myself to walk, and I have really bad balance and can't walk without a walker of some description. My dad is very handy and will help me to adapt a scooter to get a walker on somehow, but I just wondered if anyone had any advice, any ideas of a suitable scooter, any warnings or thoughts! I have looked at weight capacity limits and am going to try and get one with the biggest capacity possible (I am quite big and fat anyway!). If I did put a walker on the back, do you think I would upset the balance? Has anyone tried this before or had any good/bad experiences with scooters? Do the batteries last as long as they say they will?

My walker is a Drive Mobility Nitro rollator and is roughly 8kg and is quite big, and I think it is the most wonderful thing in the world (apart from my beautiful and spoilt dog Cassie)! If I need to get a smaller lighter one to put on a scooter, then I will do that. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for motability as I only get the standard weekly rate of the mobility part of personal independence payment. So I am funding this myself, and will be buying second hand.

I would appreciate any advice or tips you can give me.

Thank you!!