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12-06-15, 21:52
This has been put together quickly - I may want to edit and change it to make it clearer.

How to link to other webpages seems to be asked for a lot recently.
I thought I would try and explain how it works in just one thread that people can refer to.

How to make a basic link.
Someone has asked a question and you know a webpage where the answer is but dont know how to give a link to it.
You have seen that others can do it but may be a bit afraid to ask how they did it.

Don't worry its fairly easy once you know how.

If you are looking at this I assume you already know how to open more than one browser tab at once.

Whichever browser you are using there will be an address bar on each tab, usually at the top.

This will show something like- htpps//www.somewebsite.com/somethinglse/name.htm

Click on this to highlight it.
Right click on the highlighted address and from the pop-up menu select 'Copy'
Come back to the forum and in the reply-to-post editor right click and select 'Paste'

The editor will recognse that this is a weblink and it will show up in blue when you make your post.

Others can now click on this blue text and be taken straight to the link.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

A bit more complicated

Sometimes clicking on a link in Google (Bing, Yahoo, etc.) will open a document instead of going to a webpage.
So there is no address bar to copy and paste.

To do a link to a doc, xls, or similar from google-

Right click on the blue heading in google.
Select 'Copy Link Location' from the pop up menu.
Come back to the post editor and right click in the reply box.
Paste the link into the reply box.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~

Changing the text that shows in your post when you add a link.
There are a couple of ways to do this.

First way.
Type the text you want the link to show.
Highlight this text.
Click on the link icon in the menubar. (looks like a globe with glasses).
A box pops up - paste the link into this and click OK.
The editor adds the code that will show the link in the post.

Second way. If you don't see the icon.
Copy/paste the link into your post.

When you copy/paste a link into the reply box it adds BBcode tags and shows up similar to below in the editor:
(without the spaces, I had to add them to show the code).
The editor puts the [ url ] bits there for you.
If you don't see it like this then click the 'Go Advanced' button or just refresh the page.

[ url ]https://www.google.co.uk[ /url ]
which shows as this in the post

To show some text instead of the pathname you have to change this to:
(again without the spaces)

[ url=https://www.google.co.uk]Click here[ /url ]
Which shows in the post as
Click here (https://www.google.co.uk)

So all you do is add the equals sign, move the square bracket, and add your text to display, simple.
(I red highlighted the bits to add/change, you don't need to do that).

This is just doing the same that the editor link icon does for you, but on some forums, or some browsers, you don't have the 'link' icon in the editor.

22-06-15, 18:16
I use tinyurl, or plain old copy and paste url.