View Full Version : Mac OS Sierra MacWorld review

23-09-16, 12:39
No More OSX just OS:)

Beta version available free for download now


Sadly Sierra makes me think of the classic Ford model

25-09-16, 05:38
The reason why Macs are such good value is because they last such a long time.

My 27 inch iMac came out late 2012 but it can still update from OS X El Captain to this new system software 'Sierra' and access all the features that are found on a new iMac.

It's a luxury that I forget about - from the iMac being completely switched off to logging in and using a software program takes just 120 seconds. Is that still a 10 minute job in Windows?

Apple are perhaps ahead of the game from an Accessibility point of view with free features that could cost £000s on a PC platform . . . can't wait to use Siri on the iMac - - artificial intelligence at its peak.


03-05-17, 22:54
I just downloaded and installed this Apple system software to my 5 year old iMac.

It took a few hours but I'm there now.

Glad to see that Siri is now on my desktop. So I now talk to my computer and it now carries out tasks without me touching the keyboard or mouse.

All my documents are now in the cloud which means I can see everything on my iMacs hard drive and desktop on my iPhone!

I can now store and edit most stuff from anywhere in the world and there's only one copy accessed through my iPhone, tablet or desktop. Amazing!