View Full Version : Youreable.com not working on Apple's Safari browser version 11

01-10-17, 16:26
This is a message for admin to say your new Home Page loads fine on Apple's Safari's latest browser. However, all pages after that load after a few minutes instead of instantly.

The website loads fine on Apple's Firefox 55.0.3. My default browser is Safari and accessing other websites is fine.

So it must be a glitch in your website coding as a guess.

01-10-17, 23:34
When was this happening?

There has been some kind of problem this week with Google advertising which has cause some error messages and slow page loading for some sites that use googleads.
It affected my phone the other day when I was using this forum and a couple of other fora. (My laptop was not affected).

Other than that admin may want to know if this is computer or mobile? (OS X, or iOS).

02-10-17, 08:27
When using my Apple Imac - I'm not using a smartphone at the moment.

When I google 'Youreable' the new home page appears instantly.

If I then click on 'Forums' at the top it takes 80 seconds to open. Every subsequent click takes 80 seconds to opem. Adblocker has been turned off.

Very odd!

02-10-17, 09:32
Even the homepage is taking its time on my iPad and my fone was the same but that's working ok now,I installed google chrome and it's working fine on that.

02-10-17, 15:03
A few possible fixes here: