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Richard Scanlon
09-11-2012, 10:39 PM
I just cannot believe the apathy on this site! for most of you your world is about to come tumbling down yet you go on about which car to get, or whether to buy or go for lease hire! Can I just ask how many of you realize that the government is going to do it's best to take the cars off you!

Yes even those of you who thought you had the DLA for life if you are under 62 you will be re-assessed and a lot will be losing their mobility rating under the new PIP payments scheme.

Don't believe me look around for yourselves this I'm awright Jack attitude will lose you everything or could if you do not act to voice your opinions the introduction of ESA is well on the way with many deaths already attributed to its heartless use of computer questions and sick and disabled people being put on the ESA working group and if you want to appeal the decision you will still have to jump through all the hoops as able bodied claimants and attend interviews and do work experience just like them. If you refuse then your money will be reduced which will be very difficult for a lot of people as they will have already lost a lot of their benefit when they were put on ESA.

But cheer up there is still worse to come, if you get through the ESA and are put in the Support group you could well end up working in your local high street full time for an unlimited period of time in your local charity shop who is sponsoring by choice the slave labour of the sick and disabled. (Those in the work group only have to do 3 month work experience).
A lot of you reading this will think that I am a scaremonger or a disabled person who has been refused some sort of benefit but I can tell you now I have no axe to grind in any of these regards as yet although I have just filled in the ATOS form and wasn’t that scary!
You only have to read the news to see what is happening. The channel 4 documentary was not just about shirkers you know! It was about you and me and the government plans for the sick and disabled. We all know that there is a workshy attitude among certain groups and it needs sorting but to lay it all at the door of the sick and disabled is wrong.
There is a E-petition regarding these issues and it would really be in your interest to sign it and to get everyone you know to do the same, it finishes on the 1st November and to get it through it needs 100,000 signatures please make sure one of them is yours.

09-12-2012, 08:35 AM
Hi Richard

I for one, am well aware of what is going on. I dont have to worry about a mobility car, but obviously many do. I dont believe you are scaremongering at all, in fact all you have said is sadly and terriyingly true. I think many are trying to just get on with things and hope its not going to happen to them. Sadly, thats not true. Im not everyone has the Im alright Jack attitude that you describe, although some do i suppose. I think people are trying to live for today.
Of course, the horrific esa situation you describe is bang on! Clearly you are very clued up with what this government is doing to the sick/disabled and vulnerable in society. You would be most welcome at a much busier website I belong to called http://www.dwpexamination.org/ There, we aim to inform everyone (believe it or not some dont know whats going on) of their rights, support, advise and guide them through this government onslaught on the disabled. I think you would be an asset there, and I know the admin would welcome you with open arms.
I should add the site is run for free by volunteers who work tirelessly and the owners and members are amazing. Do pop over. That goes for anyone else here, especially if youre feeling alone in all this mess. You are not.

09-12-2012, 09:23 AM
i am entitled to a mobility car but am aware of the changes and that is why i simply won't go down that route.

dearly i would love a car due to the amount i have spent on taxis over the years. i am under regular hospital treatment and the costs are staggering.

with the money i have spent over the years on taxis i could of dam bought one:mad:

when no one knows what the heck is going on or if they are going to end up with a big zero then it is better to be safe than sorry later on,


09-12-2012, 09:50 AM
Hi Richard contarary to what Emily06 thinks ,it is my opinion that you are scaremongering as the situation is what could I/we possibly do about it ? Sign pointless petitions or wheel ourselves along to pointless demonstrations . Do you think Rat man and Bobbin ( AKA Cameron and Osborne ) will take any notice whatsoever of any petitions even if they had 60 million signatures on them . You may think that groups of people in wheel chairs &/or on crutches shouting for disabled peoples rights etc may have some impact on their concience . Sorry but it will have not the slightest effect on them when presenting medals at the para-olympics Osborne was booed by every person in the place and what did he do ?... He laughed . The man has been booed on international television and many of those watching will have either known or will now know why he was being booed . Camerons ex public school boy rich geezer club has only 1 mind track and that is


" We are in power and who cares about the disabled ,sick or those in poverty we will do whatever we like and as we are in charge there is not a jot any of you can do about it and also chuck our multi - millionaire pals a 20 grand minimum tax windfall per year by reducing the upper level of income tax ( which funnily enough includes both Osborne and Cameron ) "

However i am not worried about PIP as i am a genuine long term disabled person and i don't have a mobility car i bought my car myself ,insure it ,deal with its upkeep myself however i do accept free road tax . I am quids in keeping my mobility payments rather than paying them all out for a lease hire car . I also however use an electric motorised scooter ,wheel chair & crutches/sticks I cannot walk 10 feet unaided but that's my problem & nobody elses . I get by doing what i can for myself as much as possible but as with many disabled people there are many things i cannot do and for those i get help

Most of us have come upon the ESA bridge and crossed it with differing levels of success . However no-one has yet reached the PIP bridge and when we do get to it we will have to navigate our way across the bridge or wade the river again more than likely with differing results after re-considerations & appeals we will have found our place in whatever regime is in power by then and make the best of what we have got . Yes it would damage us financially to have my mobility status down graded and may have to sell our car . However i would simply get my shopping online and delivered to my door for £3.50 or is it £4.50 which is about the same as the cost of diesel to get in the car and drive to the supermarket as we live in an isolated rural area with no shops for miles .

PIP is like an Exocet missile you know it's coming but there is nothing you can do about it barring prepare yourself for impact and then save/make the best of/or build a future out of off what's left after that impact

09-12-2012, 10:19 AM
What a load of rubbish millions of people get DLA and ESA and when PIP comes in millions will still get PIP

the number of people"really" upset and willing to complain is not that great do a straw poll of the disabled web sites and the number of people on soap boxes making a noise is less than 10,000

there is more than one poll going even at number 10 where people are complaining about changes and they have only managed 60,000 sigs where as in the past people worried about changes to geen space and trees got 100,000 sigs in hours

with any benefit there will be winners and losers I get higher mob middle care when it changes I reckon I will end up on lower mob higher care some people I know will be better off some worse.

in other countries people have just had benefit cut because of the money problems pensions too

I could be lucky ? very sick but with run of the mill well documented main stream health problems with tests results to back them up.

when started your post you said "most of you"

does that mean your health problems are main stream easy prroved health problems and you too see no problems with PIP/ESA ?

09-12-2012, 12:12 PM
Richard Scanlon,
You have just joined and have already decided that people here are apathetic and I'm alright jackers.
Most regulars here give up their own time to try and help others and often without a reply or thanks from posters. We try to give good advice and support to the small % of those who have fallen foul of the crazy DWP/ATOS system, to give options as to how to correct the injustice.
This is not a campaigning site but niether do we shy away from serious issues.
I for one am gratefull to live in a society that looks after those less fortunate and whilst I may disagree with some aspects of that system and will voice my concerns, I am always reminded of those so much worse off than myself.
I think your anger should be aimed at those responsible not the victims.

09-13-2012, 02:25 PM

Most people on these threads arent being 'I'm alright jack' regarding PIP. Most are aware of it and show concerns. I certainly do. For those that have renewed their motability lease this year, including me, face risk of losing the car in 2014/15 but that is still two-three years away. At the moment, I couldnt possibly afford to buy a car outright just now, as I am paying off a loan, it gets paid off in 2015. I decided to get another car through Motability in May. I was aware of PIP before I ordered it but might not get accessed till 2015. Who Knows. I certainly wont be looking at Motability in 2015. I might either buy my current car off them or buy my own car though car finance. If you read the motoring threads, several people are thinking of buying their cars when their lease expires.

I am trying not to worry about PIP yet, things may change, we dont know how PIP will turn out till it happens. Some might be ok, some might not. It is a case of wait and see.

Online petitions will sadly not work, the Government wont listen. They havent listened up till now, and they wont with these peitions.

09-13-2012, 03:38 PM
Indeed, CTCELT88. I've only just been awarded DLA HRM indefinate and will look to Motability for a vehicle but I know that this might just be a short term solution. But it's all that I have. Indefinate just ain't what it used to be ...

09-13-2012, 11:09 PM
Indeed, CTCELT88. I've only just been awarded DLA HRM indefinate and will look to Motability for a vehicle but I know that this might just be a short term solution. But it's all that I have. Indefinate just ain't what it used to be ...

A life award became in indefinite award therefore even before the idea of PIP came about a life award had been down graded .

09-13-2012, 11:30 PM
Aye, Stig, I make you right. It won't be long now 'til it means a week next Thursday. I guess that's what the youngsters call progress...