View Full Version : Alternative campsite in central Portugal

Lynn Alexander
06-02-13, 18:23
I've come on this site to publicise our off-grid, alternative campsite in the Estrela Mountains of Portugal. The world can seem very 'paved from a wheelchair and our site gives disabled people the chance to get out into a pure, natural environment.
Check out the website


I would appreciate any feedback

07-02-13, 14:33
Looks fabulous, would love to see a picture of a Geodome. Will send this out on Twitter for you to hopefully get some more interest. :)

07-02-13, 16:09
Hi, Have sent this out on twitter - tourism for all are happy to help you promote this - please get in touch with them

Lynn Alexander
26-02-13, 23:10
Thanks for the positive response, really appreciated. We are currently making the geodomes so there are at present, no photos of ours but as soon as they are up we will post some on the website. This is one of our major problems for this, our first year- no photos and no inclusion in any guidebooks...could be a problem getting the word out. Many thanks for the 'tourism for all' tip! Best wishes

Lynn Alexander
08-04-13, 21:22
There are some photos on facebook 'gaio camping' site- although no domes, there are people enjoyng themselves and some of the site, though mainly in winter as we prepare for the summer season. We will update them as we get more.