View Full Version : ''Pimped up' mobility scooters, good enough for Robbie Williams and Dizzee Rascal!

20-05-13, 10:06
A North East businessman has created an innovate range of mobility scooters that has been snapped up by Dizzee Rascal and Robbie Williams for their new music video!

Designer, Andrew Wylie said: “Often people are here to buy their first wheelchair and don’t want to be here.

“It can be quite an emotional experience for some so I wanted to create something to make people smile.'

Watch the video here: http://tyneandwear.sky.com/news/article/66891/the-whitley-bay-man-whos-making-the-mobility-scooter-cool

21-05-13, 14:51
I would love one of those scooters but my DLA is spent on my car... They are very good though

21-05-13, 16:39
I think I'm still a bit young yet :(

23-07-13, 09:36
Why shouldn't they be pimped?Great idea.I think of moby scooters as pavement cars anyway.Hope we see more of them everywhere.