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25-06-13, 18:19
Thought I would post it here as well

Select Forum Actions (see new posts then move across to Forum Actions)

Click on Forum Actions and on the drop down menu click on General Settings

Now on the list of options look down and under My Profile is Edit Avatar

Click on Edit Avatar and click on the option to Use Custom Avatar on the right of the screen

Now you can use a picture from your computer files or one from the internet. For a picture from your computer, click on Choose File (in the box) and then browse the ones you have and click on the one you want to use. It should be added to the bar with the name of your picture. Hey presto a nice new avatar

If you find one on the internet copy its URL (web address) into the box with the www. in it

For a photo in your profile do the same but under the heading Edit Profile Picture

You may need to crop or reduce a photo so that it fits into the space available.

Hope this helps.

25-06-13, 18:25
good idea firebird I would never have known how to do it if you hadn't posted instructions

How are you today? hope your well xx

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26-06-13, 07:24
See if I can get one up

26-06-13, 07:29
Thanks Acheron, feeling ok but I am working up to seeing a doctor -eek, I am really having trouble eating -I don't want to.

Well done Treborc, love your avatar.

26-06-13, 07:44
OH Firebird I know what you mean I always get worked up when seeing DRs or anyone

Hope you go on OK I have a lot of trouble with eating and always keep build up cup a soups in they don't taste too bad better than the milk shakes I was put on a liquid diet for about six months only fortisips and water so now I hate milkshakes

The build up ones are ok because you can get golden veg ,tomato and leak & potato but they are expensive good luck at the DRs and let us know how you got on xx

03-07-13, 08:04
thanks firebird, I did this with no help from the teen!

03-07-13, 08:06
Well done dee bee, lovely relaxing picture!

03-07-13, 08:10
thanks, river of love, Brugges

03-07-13, 08:33
nice avatar deebee looks like me and you are getting better with the techno stuff xx

24-07-13, 15:03
Thanks for advice- will set mine now :D

24-07-13, 15:48
Interesting, well done!