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31-08-14, 22:36
It's rumoured that Apple have a launch date of Wed 9 Sept for new system software and products.

It could be a few bigger phones, a wearable Iwatch that can carry out health checks of the wearer perhaps.

The goods are usually available in the Apple stores about 10 days later!

01-09-14, 02:49
There are other companies producing products just as innovative as Apple. Apple produce some good products, but their prices tend to be at the expensive end of the market sector in question, and they are not always the most flexible offerings.

Large screen phones are common in the Android world - this post comes to you from a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which also has excellent Wacom active stylus that is useful for sketching, handwritten notes and annotating documents. Android is not perfect, but neither is iOS.

There are several good smartwatch options already in the marketplace. There's a trade off of factors with any watch sized device and I would urge potential purchasers to evaluate these carefully and not to buy based purely on brand. Anyone considering a smartwatch should think carefully what they are expecting from that watch, as the watch has limited functionality without watch enabled apps on the connected phone.

I may, in time, buy an Android Wear powered watch, but I really want the Android Wear platform to mature further and the battery life of the watches to improve first.

07-09-14, 11:13
Just at Media City in Salford having a Costa outside. Seems that a half marathon has just finished!

The network strength for 4G is top! Then again you'd expect connectivity to be good here .

Apple launch date on Tuesday !

07-09-14, 11:30
Seems that a half marathon has just finished!

That's the Great North Run.

07-09-14, 13:28
That's the Great North Run.

Bit of a long run then if LT's in Salford, the Great North Run is in Gateshead / Newcastle; about 110 miles as the crow flies.:eek:

07-09-14, 14:02
I was assuming the Great North Run coverage from BBC One was showing on a big screen outside the part of MediaCity occupied by the BBC. I believe BBC Sport are based at MediaCity since they left Television Centre a few years ago.

07-09-14, 14:30
Yes you're correct, BBC sport is based in Salford Media City. But today is also the Salford 10K run!

07-09-14, 16:43
Well the roads were cornered off near Mabchester United's football ground and parts of Salford Quays too.
I was just sunning myself in Media City's Costa as hundreds of runners ambled by after the race. There was even a guy riding on a gyro wheeled vehicle - Looked very cool.

There's also another commercial TV station based in MediaCiity called 'ITV' It has the coolest logo
And as you know Coronation Street is made by ITV. My niece does the wardrobe for Coronation Street - I never see it as I'm not really into soap operas. I wonder if her name appears on the titles?

07-09-14, 20:26
Wouldn't have an Ibrick if they paid me , awful signal, poor voice stalls, tiny screen, nit waterproof, slow, the list goes on.
Ibrick 6 will need to up their fame as my Sony Experia Z2 blows the 5 out the water, oh and us fully waterproof.

09-09-14, 19:20
Here are the comparison sizes of the IPhone 6.


Besides the usual cases there will be this case too - rather cool


FREE system software OS8. But be careful as it will be a memory hugger. I think lots of the new Apps and photos/music/video features will be memory hungry. I know lots of stuff is now held in 'iCloud' but I reckon a minimum of 64MB storage on the phone is needed to future proof your new phone for two years max.

10-09-14, 09:05
If you were interested to know what all the fuss was about here's the slide show off the event.


16-09-14, 17:49
Well, I've placed my order for an IPhone 6 through the Apple online store. That way it's unlocked and I can choose a cheap SIM ONLY deal without getting tied in.

I'll have to wait until they start shipping between 10 - 17 October then I'll sell my previous phone - jobs a good 'un!

18-09-14, 17:04
Will look forward to seeing how you get on with it!

I think the screen on the 6 might actually be too big for me. I'm not sure I want a phone that big. I could do with a screen a little bigger than the 4s I have (but only sometimes) so the 5/5s would probably be good for me. Not sure I want it bigger than that. I want my phone to stay a phone and not turn into a tablet! Besides, I have small hands :D

18-09-14, 17:52
I printed out a laser showing an IPhone5 and the latest two Appleiphones just to look and compare the sizes.

In my opinion the IPhone 5 is about 18mm shorter in height than the IPhone 6. The IPhone 6 Plus was designed for the Asian market. It's too big to hold in one hand The old Iphhone 5 is just the same as the current colourful plastic phonrs but classier.

I wonder how the Scottish vote is going? Just three hours before the booths close. We might wake up in the morning and the United Kingdom and Union Jack could be gone in the morning. 307 years of history down the pan!

18-09-14, 18:09
LT enjoy your new toy when it arrives, but:

Advice I was given years ago and still follow -

Never buy the biggest TV in the range, or the just released model of any electrical gadget (phone), or just released software.
They are pushing the boundries and tend to go wrong.
Get the TV one size down, and wait for the bugs in the just released stuff to be fixed.

Yes, but remember just how many big new product and software launches in the last ten years have needed fixing within the first 3 months.
Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, etc, etc, are all guilty of rushing products to market before they are fully ready for use and then having to issue fixes.

18-09-14, 19:01
I understand where you are coming from.

I ama fan of Appe products as both the hardware and software aredesigned by the same company.

I've learnt to have faith in their products. Sometimes it can go alittle wrong with third party software developers but that is fairly rare.

My experience with Apple Products goes back beyond Imacs, ipads, iphones and ipods. I still have a photo ipod from 11 yearsago and it still works.

My first Apple computer at work was the Apple is it LE - a 7 inch screen.

The first home Applemac I bought for home and work use was the LC - so I go back a long time!

Once you've used an Apple you'll never touch a PC again

18-09-14, 19:30
There is a new player in the Mobile Phone Market, Amazon.

They have a New Smart Phone coming out very soon and for £33 a month you get unlimited Calls, Unlimited Texts and 2gb Download. The Phone is.......well it looks great and has great specs. A 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, combined with 2 GB of RAM.............. Here is link as there is just too much in the technical details to list here. If I could afford it I would have one bust since I can't I will have to stick with the one I have.


24-09-14, 22:12
I read today that some have bent, due to people putting them in their back pockets(!?) as they're so slim. So make sure you don't sit on your shiney new wonder Lighttouch! The bigger one doesn't look very pocket sized to me anyway.

24-09-14, 22:54
I saw the same reports, serves them right they should take more care of their shiny new toys.

A friend of mine sat on his iphone4 last month, didn't bend it but cost him £80 to replace the broken screen, ouch.

24-09-14, 23:02
Fliss, don't believe everything you read. I believe both phones are smaller and the glass is rolled over the edges. I've yet to see glass that bends !!

I won't take delivery of my IPhone 6 until about 20 October as I'm buying an unlocked phone from Apple direct.

Just a quick update about bent phones . . looks like the days of sticking the phone in my back pocket are numbered. So glass is bendable I assume.


25-09-14, 08:16
Can't help agreeing slightly with the person in the report who reckons carrying something that cost that much around in your trouser pocket is perhaps not the most sensible! Having said that, I don't fancy one of these ultra thin phones tbh as they are harder to hold. I tend to drop things a lot and prefer the thicker, chunkier shape of my 4s. I do have a case that protects it if dropped but even so - I like to feel there's something to get hold of and grip properly.

25-09-14, 08:32
I couldn't agree more Catlover. I always spoil the look of these phones by buying a leather or matt plastic holder to encase them.

The first iphone was a slippery character as it was shiney with lovely curved edges. It came quite natural to want to rotate the phone in the palm of your hand because you could. But it was a slippery eel until I attached a Powerpack.

I've already got an Apple IPhone 6 leather case from Apple coloured black. It's sort of sticky which is good because I have dry hands. I have always slipped my mobile into my back pocket but don't sit on it!

25-09-14, 22:50
..... So glass is bendable I assume.

From some physics and specialised engineering point of view glass is a liquid.
Or maybe not; its still open to debate with arguments on both sides, usually about what is meant by 'liquid'.
You get terms like 'amorphous solid' and 'supercooled liquid'.

You don't notice this in normal use because the type of glass we are used to seeing is for all practical purposes a solid.
But there are different types of glass, a lot depends on what chemicals are added when making it.

Anyway enough of the technical stuff, you can buy flexible glass, it even comes on rolls.

25-09-14, 23:44
Android's are so much better. Also could get the Galaxy S5 because they are so much better than the Iphone 6.

26-09-14, 03:29
Nukecad, well I never, bendable glass.

27-09-14, 14:44
Good news. Apple have been in touch and my new iPhone 6 well be delivered on Friday 3 October via UPS - not time specific unfortunately.

So now I have a date I can start thinking about selling my metal fully working iPhone 5 16mb unlocked phone running OS.7

This phone can be ungraded to OS.8 but I wouldn't until the bug fix is released shortly.

Just looked at a website that is happy to buy my present phone off me for £160 - postage extra.

Now, that would be my hassle free route but I'm just seeing if any Forum users might want to purchase it off me.

Here's what is on offer

Unlocked 16mb working iPhone 5 / original box / plug and lightening charger cable / unused ear buds. Running OS.7 but easily ungraded to OS.8 for free over internet

It's 4G ready. I've been using a nano SIM card from EE. You can choose any network as it's an unlocked phone and you can have your existing mobile number moved to this phone.

I could post the phone out for extra or it could be collected for cash. Other payment methods are bank transfer or Pay Pal.

If picked up you can also have protective black plastic protective outer cover, OS7 system software A4 book

This is just a gesture to anyone just out of a contract. It's on a first come first bought basis. If you are interested and would like to know more just ask.

28-09-14, 19:50
Lighttouch I've just upgraded from the iphone 5 managed to get £260 on ebay for it, upgraded to the galaxy s5 lot different from the iphone

28-09-14, 19:54
Lighttouch I've just upgraded from the iphone 5 managed to get £260 on ebay for it, upgraded to the galaxy s5 lot different from the iphone
Ah, but, LT knows best LOL

28-09-14, 20:44
Lighttouch I've just upgraded from the iphone 5 managed to get £260 on ebay for it, upgraded to the galaxy s5 lot different from the iphone

Wow that\s interesting!

I know the IPhone I've got was trading at £235 just before the iphone 6 came out.

The price I was quoting was what a company would pay me before reselling at a premium.

I think I'll get the new phone I'll delete icloud before transferring the nano SIM to the new phone before trying Ebay for a sale.

I really don't think people know how advanced the technology is in these phones otherwise my arm would be ripped off!

28-09-14, 21:14
A lot depends on what you want/need from your phone.

I am curently using a Samusung Soul SGH-8500 that I have had for three years now. It does everything that I want, calls, texts, and internet access, preferably on WiFi.
It lives in my side pocket and looks like new, I'm not going to sit on it and bend it..
Last year I got an upgrade (as part of my contract) which is an Galaxy S3 mini.
Its still in the box, my current phone is still great and is a metal case, the S3 is a plasticly thing.

I have friends who still have old phones, usually passed down from their kids, that won't do anything but call and text.
Buts that all they want and so thats good for them.

One thing I have noticed where I live is that Iphones are usually faster when not on WiFi, but that could be down to which service you are on.
We dont yet get 4G around here, its about 30 miles off yet..

My current phone runs on the BADA operating system. Never heard of it? Neither have most spammers/hackers.
OOps I've just told them, but its not worth their while yet.

28-09-14, 22:59
Your old phone is only worth what someone is prepared to pay for it so I'd take a look on ebay at recently sold phones to see what they went for. Bear in mind that once the iphone6 is out and about the 5 and 5s will drop in price and there will be more of them on the 2nd hand market as people upgrade.

I have decided to wait a while and then go for a 5s - probably refurbished or 2nd hand but maybe new depending on various things - as I then have the choice of sticking with giffgaff and just getting a 4G sim. I'm still happy with giffgaff and they do payback twice a year so for a few random posts on their forums I can get my calls etc almost for free and like stuff for free :D

29-09-14, 13:07
Well, surprise, surprise! Just got in 30 minutes ago and 5 minutes later a UPS van turns up with my iPhone.

Great that it's turned up 4 days early!! Much prefer to know exactly when it's coming i.e. DPD Couriers.

So, I'll try charging it up to full power before doing anything. I believe there are teething problems with the latest system software so I might wait until a patch is posted.

With iCloud I can connect my iMac to my iPhone so I just need to disconnect the iphone5 and log the iphone6 in to fully integrate calendar, mail and photos plus contacts.

Catlover you're right the phone is only worth what people are prepared to pay. I'm not very good at getting rid of previous technology - that's why I've still got a boxed iPhone 3G and an Apple iPod Classic Photo that still works despite being over 10 years old! Both iconic pieces of kit.

30-09-14, 20:58
Well, what a day! Throughout the afternoon I decided to try deactivatig my old iphone5 and bringing the nano SIM over to the new Apple IPhone6. Never quite as easy as you might think if you want it to happen smoothly.

My first job was obtaining more storage space in icloud for mail, documents and photos plus the all important address book! That was fairly painless. Now I needed to deactivate my old phone by deleting my icloud account. I had to reset the phone to factory settings to ensure any future user doesn't have any of my details - just needed to phone Apple to double check that stuff was stored in the cloud and that my phone had been wiped clean.

Next was extracting the miniscule nano SIM card by using the special metal pin to release the SIM card holder.

It was a real pain getting the 8mm x 6 mm paper thin SIM card to sit in the iphone6 slider - was being driven slightly mad for 15 minutes!

Next thing powering up the IPhone6 and being walked through the process of accessing all your data. Just remember to restore the phone via icloud if you want a quiet life. You can only load stuff from icloud via your wi-fi so make sure your phone is well charged and pluged in to keep charged. Luckily my wi-fi is super fast so loading the phone was fairly quick.

Just be warned - make sure you have your wi-fi password, service provider's password and Apple ID at hand. I was on password overload and needed to reset some. ITunes will also want to confirm your credit card details.

After all that my new iphone is now accessing all information via the cloud including my 100 plus apps.

Quite pleased with my efforts as everything is loaded and working - we're in business now!

Luckily the Apple interface is easy to follow so I felt pretty confident doing all the techy stuff myself. Glad that I was able to download the new patch for the new system software too.

Can't wait to try out the camera with 'slow motion' feature and 'time-lapse' photography - it's all very clever.

Next job finding a buyer for my working IPone5. Should I try Ebay I wonder. Never used it to sell stuff. Does one expext to get paid via PayPal - I feel another learning curve coming on - geeez!

30-09-14, 21:25
If you sell anything on eBay you are required to accept payment by PayPal. If you do not wish to open a PayPal account you can get someone you know who does sell on eBay to sell your phone for you.

It is quite painless to open a PayPal Account and it does come in handy at times as well. I have had my PayPal account for many years now and I have found it very helpful over the years.

30-09-14, 22:21
You could always take it down to Carphone Warehouse or Game, I think both of these are in the Trafford Centre, and other stores will buy second hand phones as well.

They will look at it, give you a price and transfer the money to your account that day.
It needs to be off icloud, which you have already done, and you will need to show photo ID.

Carephone Warehouse are curently offering £103.50 for a 16gig iphone5 in working order.

Game usually offer more for phones than CW but I'm not sure of their terms.

I would beware of some of these online companies. I have seen numerous posts from people who sent off their phone and then were given a much lower revised offer that that originaly quoted. They then had horrendous tales about trying to get their phones back.

01-10-14, 03:45
LT swap for a galaxy S5 ? I just heard the Iphone 5 has been discontinued which i found is better than the 5C...

01-10-14, 09:16
LT swap for a galaxy S5 ? I just heard the Iphone 5 has been discontinued which i found is better than the 5C...

Hi Blastoff, you're right the phone I have is the original Apple iPhone5 with a metal case. It's just under two years old. But it has been reinvented by Apple in the form of iPhone 5c with the bright coloured plastic body. The spec is exactly the same but mine feels more upmarket.

Yes I've disconnected it from the cloud and I've wiped the phones hard drive drive clean so it's unlocked and just needs a new owners nano SIM card. Plans start from £10 a month and let's not forget that this connects to 3G and 4G networks if you buy a 4G SIM only deal.

I was and still am with EE on a special rate that I negotiated. Here's what you can get from EE but you're not locked into any supplier. http://shop.ee.co.uk/mobile-tariffs/sim-only-plans

Thanks for the offer of a galaxy but now my iPhone6 is up and running I only need one phone.

You know I might just put a small advert in the local post office and advertise the phone for cash sale - sounds so low tech and appealing! :D

PS ust noticed that this is what a used iPhone5 is going for n Ebay. I've obviously under valued it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-iPhone-5-16-GB-Black-Slate-Unlocked-Grade-A-/321327814441?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item4ad0a15729

PPS Wow - just caught the end of a 3 day auction for the same unlocked phone - it went for £215 - maybe ebay is the way forward.

01-10-14, 22:39
I placed my iphone5 on ebay for 24 hour auction received £260 the next day u can also add a reserve price so you have a choice to have a minimum bid price or buy it now price

Also a close friend had an app called flappy bird she sold hers 7 months ago for £940 ludicrous amount but that was the rage

04-10-14, 15:09
Well, as a novice ebay seller I've just placed an advert for 3 days and reserved a selling price too.

I've also added a fairly low minimal price just to get people interested. I gather that nothing will really happen until the last few ours. Depending on how this sale goes, if successful, I might start putting a few other things on here.:D

Thanks for everyone's advice - it's been a journey!

07-10-14, 05:31
The pressure is on now. Only 9 hours left on a 3 day auction time and still no bids!
Some swine is selling exactly the same spec phone but their auction finishes 3 hours later! ( no doubt from the dirty tricks brigade).

07-10-14, 08:25
You would have got a better result if it had run over a weekend ideally finishing Sunday evening.
That is one of the tips for successful selling and to get a better price on EBay.

As for when items of the same end, that is the luck of the draw.

07-10-14, 09:05
Hi Beau, yes I've learnt a lot from even this one posting. You forget that you aren't the only one selling this iconic phone.

I don't think it should have run for 3 days - 24 hours mead enough.

My starting price is perhaps too high.

I've added a reserve price that is bigger than the price shown so it reads 'reserve no reached'

I added three more photos which are more detailed. That's a positive.

I thought I'd asked it to end the auction at 7.30pm today but it finishes mid afternoon.

At least there's a reserve price so it won't go for a song!

07-10-14, 10:51
It will finish exactly 3 days after the time you placed the ad. You can defer the time it is posted but not alter the time it ends. If there is deferred posting then and on a 3 day sale then it would be exactly 3 days after the offer becoming live.

07-10-14, 12:00
Only 3 hours to go before auction end. No bidders yet. Other competition had no bids and withdrew advert. Maybe there will be a single bidder who will try and snatch a bargain at the last second.

If they do that's fine as I've reserved a price that I'd be happy with. 😃😃

07-10-14, 12:08
You may get a flurry of last minute bidders. Can you see how many people are watching it?

Another thing that may affect you is your feedback - if you're new to ebay you won't have acquired feedback and good feedback is one of the things most people look for when buying, especially for expensive items. I would not buy a mobile phone from someone without a lot of positive feedback as there are too many scammers out there.

07-10-14, 12:22
Cat lover, I'm not a scammer. Just had one bid for asking price but it hasn't registered as the reserve price is higher.
It's good to see at least one bidder has taste.

All a new experience to me. 😃😃

07-10-14, 12:23
Good point catlover. I always check feedback before I buy anything, even cheap stuff.
I think LT thought it was going to be easy peasy.

07-10-14, 12:38
Excellent we have two bidders and they've reached my reserve price!

I'll let you know the result.

07-10-14, 12:44
I don't think you're a scammer, LT, but would be buyers out there don't know you from Adam and as far they know you could be out to scam them. I actually got scammed when I first started with ebay and bid on a phone - I was a bit naiive and managed to get my money back via paypal. Mobile phones are one of the items that you have to be very careful about when buying on ebay as they are one of the items scammers tend to "sell". So choosing a seller with a good history and feedback is important.

But it looks like you have some buyers so good luck!

07-10-14, 14:32
Be careful not to get scammed out if your phone if it sells, Lighttouch. You need to send it via a properly tracked delivery service and be very wary if a request to deliver anywhere other than the address on the buyer's PayPal account in the UK. Scammers often use hijacked PayPal accounts and request shipping to somewhere with much laxer laws than the UK.

If it sells or you get any interaction from eBay members,, it may be worth your while getting the collective wisdom of the forum members to guide you through the process. If you do the wrong thing you could lose the phone and be left with a bill for sellers' fees to pay.

07-10-14, 14:47
Don't worry I was planning on sending it via registered post but happy to take collective view if possible. A few minutes to go!

07-10-14, 14:52
LT You must NEVER EVER POST or deliver anything until you have got the funds firmly in your hand one way or another. It is too easy to trust people and sadly you can't in this day and age

07-10-14, 16:06
Well all you seasoned eBay people the auction is over and Ebay sent me a confirmation email with this person's address based in Liverpool.

I got top dollar for the phone which isn't surprising as it's a great product.

I sent him this message via eBay

Hello xxxxx, and congratulations for being the winning bidder!

Now you can tell that I am new to eBay so from what friends have said you just need to deposit the winning bid and postage cost to my Paypal account before I mail the iphone 5 plus box and contents as shown.

I think you will be delighted with the phone - you've got good taste!

The address I've got for you is .............. United Kingdom.

And just to make sure the right person in your house gets it please could you give me your full name.

Item number: ...

Price:£230 plus postage

Like I say I will send the iphone to you via Royal Mail with a signed delivery. And I\ll let you know when the parcel is at the Post Office if the system allows.

Congratulations again and I hope your phone brings you happiness

..... not sure what else to do yet - any more ideas let me know.

Thanks in advance


PS Just edited out address and ref - what am I like!!

07-10-14, 16:21
I hope that is not the correct address you have put on here, if so please delete it asap.

08-10-14, 07:45
eBay information

Well, no payment has been made yet but eBay do allow 3 days before they send the winning bidder a reminder. Interesting enough the one thing that isn't discussed is eBay's cut!

Their fees break down as this

Final value fee - £23
Reserve price auction fee - £7

So £30 in fees

I'm guessing if the bidder defaults on payment then I shouldn't have to pay the fees.

08-10-14, 07:59
I don't think it works like that - I think you will have to pay your seller's fees regardless. They do offer weekends when there are no seller's fees or special deals - you should have waited for one of them.

Selling and buying on ebay is always a risk. with paypal the buyer can claim they've not received the item and request their money refunded although you would be contacted to provide proof that you have sent the item. I have had cause to use that in the past to get my money back from sellers. On both occasions the seller did not respond so paypal gave me my money back and deducted it from the seller's paypal account.

08-10-14, 09:18
Well, I've not been invoiced it's just pending.

At Trafford General Hospital a bit early for my annual MOT by neurologist. Not too many people here.

A young lady stood to one side of the automatic opening front door and said 'after you Sir'. So I've now got the same status as Bradley Wiggins!

08-10-14, 10:41
LT, you are not invoiced straight away, may be the end of the month before they request payment.
Just so you are aware, if you transfer the money in your PayPal account to your bank account you will be charged for it.

I usually leave money there because I do use PayPal for other sites, although it is not very often I sell anything.

08-10-14, 11:52
I suppose they won't invoice me because my PayPal account is empty.

They may invoice me at the end of the month or as soon as the bidder credits my account.

I do plan to take the money out or transfer it elsewhere.

I believe PayPal may be floated next year - it might be worth investing a punt.

08-10-14, 14:17
Ah but they will invoice you. If there is nothing in your PayPal account they will take it via DD out of your designated bank account but do give you warning first.

09-10-14, 12:41
Well, the winning bidder for the phone is no longer registered with eBay. Typically I've lost a genuine buyer who bid only Q£5 less.

I need to chat to ebay. Makes a mockery of the whole auction. Luckily I never posted out the phone - I reckon it was just a scammer.

PS eBay said this . . .
This transaction has been cancelled and you've been given a final value fee credit because the buyer's account is no longer active.

We're sorry this sale didn't work out.

09-10-14, 13:13
I think in these circumstances you are allowed to offer it to the next highest bidder? I've never sold on ebay (just bought) so someone else should be able to advise better on that. If you can, just send the next highest bidder a message asking if they are still interested.

ebay is a minefield. You can get some great stuff on there (I bought my dslr camera on there 2nd hand - from a friendly chap who hand delivered it because he was in the area on business) but there are scammers and time wasters on both sides of the buying/selling fence so you do have to be a bit wary. best not to trust too much on ebay.

09-10-14, 13:27
It seems that the person who won the bidding only joined that day and used automatic bidding. He obviously didn't want to pay the final amount. I still have to pay the reserve listing price of £7.

I understand that PayPal will also take a cut of the profits. You have to list Paypal as a preferred method of payment.

Anyway I've relisted it so the auction will finish after two on Saturday. I guess it's all a learning curve.

09-10-14, 13:38
You can stipulate that bidders need to have a certain number of feedback in order bid - prevents people joining that day and then bidding.

09-10-14, 13:49
used automatic bidding

All eBay bids are proxy bids up to a maximum amount, active up to the end of the auction. This might mean, for example, that a bid of £50 for an item currently at £10 results in the current bid increasing to £12. Later in the auction, someone else bids £40, so eBay proxy bids on the first buyer's behalf up to something like £45 and the first bidder remains the highest bidder.

There are a fair number of scam bidders on eBay, especially in relation to mobile phones. I suggest you implement catlover's idea and close the auction to anyone with less than a feedback rating of 5. Most serious bidders will have a feedback rating at least that high, but it will cut out a lot of the timewasting.

If you're listing items for sale, it's a good idea to get a reasonable feedback rating first. A common strategy is to buy a few cheap items just to build your feedback strategy.

Rather than buying junk you don't need, it's worth remembering eBay is useful for sourcing small quantities of items that are only usually available at a reasonable price if you buy in bulk. There are quite a few small businesses making their money from breaking bulk and selling in small quantities via eBay. They make very little per transaction, but the profits come from volume. Stationery items are particularly popular, as is packaging (often to sell your own items on eBay).

09-10-14, 15:54
Just to poke my nose in, I am watching this with interest.

I have never used ebay or paypal either, I'v always been a bit wary of the setup even though lots of poeple use it, it will be interesting to follow your experience LT.

09-10-14, 16:10
Welcome to the auction house nukecad. The one positive thing that is coming out of this is that I can share my experience and 'traps' sellers can fall into during the process.

I don't mind being the guinnea pig as it helps me to understand the rules and pitfalls of eBay.

I'm your roving reporter on high tech selling methods. Give me a shop window any day. :)

10-10-14, 10:23
Lighttouch gonna make this quite quickly...you are new seller on ebay meaning you don't get charged anything for selling an item phone ebay to refund your seller fees

10-10-14, 17:29
Lighttouch gonna make this quite quickly...you are new seller on ebay meaning you don't get charged anything for selling an item phone ebay to refund your seller fees

Hi Blastoff - nobody has invoiced me yet but I noticed a billing page. As you said the sale commission has been reduced to nothing.

But they've kept the cost for a reserve price alive.

I've resubmitted the advert and if it sells on Saturday - great. If it doesn't I'll take it off eBay and put an A5 card in my Post Office to sell it.

Would I use eBay again to sell something - probably not. In the past I've been able to sell a flat without an estate agent and at no outlay/cost to me - it took one day!!

I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about using it. ;);)

10-10-14, 17:58
There is always Gumtree and Pre-loved to try.

11-10-14, 14:35
I put mine as a 24hr auction and last 5 minutes were the most bidders placed there bid...you can set a reserve price of say... £260 which i did and i managed to sell it for free without any charges

11-10-14, 19:22
The new auction finishes early afternoon Sunday. From my experience bids will be made in the last few hours.

I now have a problem!

Someone has sent me a message through eBay asking me how much I want for it in cash. And they want to know where I live.

I'm on my guard now as I actually don't believe anything sent via eBay.

For one thing if this guy does come around and pay cash then I'm stuck if someone wants to buy it.

I think it's against the rules to sell it privately as eBay loses commission and I get banned.

Chances are this person plans to enter my home and steal the phone - am I becoming paranoid or is my imagination working overtime!!

Any ideas as to what my reply should read.

11-10-14, 19:36
I think it is too late to cancel the auction, there has to be over 24 hours to go.
Just message back saying that and if they are interested they will have to bid, in polite terms of course.
Your location is given on EBay but as a private seller not your actual address. You could just tell them N, E, S or W Manchester without giving anything away.
You could have given cash on collection as a payment method on your listing as well as Paypal.

11-10-14, 19:49
Lighttouch this is someone offering a buy it now price it has to go through via paypal so you wont be defrauded...i had lots of those offers but my auction was only 24hrs...sometimes the people offering now are willing to go just a bit higher in price

12-10-14, 10:03
What a business!

I've just got three hours to run and no bids as standard.

I've just talked to eBay about proposed their £22 proposed invoice. Thanks to Blastoff I challenged the cost and it's been cancelled.

It appears that you can make major changes to listing up to 12 hours before the auction closes providing nobody has bid.

With less than 12 hours to run you can add photos or new description but can't change the revised or starting price.

It's all a learning curve and I'd advise anyone interested in selling anything. Try selling some cheap items first just so you get the hang of all the options you are offered when selling.

If you want to contact customer support the automated voice wants ID like your phone number. I gave mine including the STD but it doesn't recognise the landline without the international dialling code as the call centre is in America!

12-10-14, 12:50
Well how anybody sells anything on eBay is beyond me as somebody has put a bid in for £8,000!

I think it's a farce when kids can join in to make a mockery of the whole process.

12-10-14, 12:53
I think you may be able to cancel that bid. I have never had problems the odd time I have sold on EBay.

12-10-14, 13:55
I think you may be able to cancel that bid. I have never had problems the odd time I have sold on EBay.

It's so funny Beau, I've been on to eBay to talk to them about my misfortune. I should think my credibility has gone down the pan after two failed attempts to sell one thing.

Now eBay has upgraded my settings to prevent these one day wonders stepping in wreck the auction. And as a result of me attracting a so called 'buyer' wiling to spend £i8,000 they've upgraded my selling 'cap' to £11,300!

I guess these are what you call teething problems - at least they won't happen again!

I might try re-listing again in a weeks time.

12-10-14, 16:34
TBH I think the longer you leave it the less you will get as more and more people upgrade to the 6. The market will be flooded. Try Gumtree or Preloved whilst you decide what to do. You never know, it may sell.

12-10-14, 17:29
I take it you didn't get a genuine bid?

I think one of your main problems is likely to be your feedback rating. As mentioned earlier in this thread, one of the few things potential buyers have to go on when deciding whether to bid is the seller's feedback rating. Whenever I buy anything on ebay (whether auction or buy it now) the first thing I do is look at the feedback. If it's not 100% positive I will look at the neutral and negative feedback to see what it was about. Sellers with no or little positive feedback will find it harder to attract genuine buyers. I would not bid on an iphone being sold by someone without positive feedback.

12-10-14, 18:34
What a business!

I've just got three hours to run and no bids as standard.

I've just talked to eBay about proposed their £22 proposed invoice. Thanks to Blastoff I challenged the cost and it's been cancelled.

It appears that you can make major changes to listing up to 12 hours before the auction closes providing nobody has bid.

With less than 12 hours to run you can add photos or new description but can't change the revised or starting price.

It's all a learning curve and I'd advise anyone interested in selling anything. Try selling some cheap items first just so you get the hang of all the options you are offered when selling.

If you want to contact customer support the automated voice wants ID like your phone number. I gave mine including the STD but it doesn't recognise the landline without the international dialling code as the call centre is in America!

Lightouch..download the app on your new phone you can get instant updates on the listing aswell as a way for ebay to contact you within 60 minutes

Also i agree with catlover...positive feedback is a thing that most potential buyers look at however in your description you could add this is the first time using ebay and offer the best postage tracked etc..i have only bought on ebay and once sold and mine is 100% positive with an orange star so I've purchased about 65 items without any hitches...try be as accurate with the description and do try to download the ebay app so you can instantly keep in contact with buyers or any questions regarding the item

12-10-14, 19:14
Cheers have just downloaded eBay app

12-10-14, 19:35
I had bids and messages asking for cash transactions. The last stupid bid was by a youngster who just joined an hour before purely with the intent of wrecking the aucttion.

Iy isn't new apparently. For the majority of low cost items for sale this practice doesn't happen. One of eBay customer support people even tried to remove the fake bidder before the auction finished so the second bidder would have won.

Anyway all last minute numpties with no track record have now been held away from all future sales I make. I was taken into the dark recess parts of the eBay pages to 'check' 20 boxes which ban all sorts of naughty scammers screwing up sales.

The one thing I will say is that I am well impressed with eBays technical staff, income processing team and general customer services over the phone. Very polite, quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with - they were all American!!

12-10-14, 21:24
If your chosen method of payment is paypal and once the bidding winner transfers you the funds you can transfer them straight into your bank account in less than an hour.

12-10-14, 21:36
Here's what the £8,000 bidder / sorry scammer just wrote to me had to say - priceless!! . . .

Hello seller,
Just won your lovely item one bay and will want you to send me your pay pal email address or a pay pal money request or a paypal invoice to my email address(elizabetgorge@outlook.com) am really sorry for the amount I won your item it was a mistake cos this is the first time on ebay lol will be paying 300pounds. If you are ok with this get back to me asap so I can pay via paypal asap.

He's forever hopeful I guess!

12-10-14, 22:52
i.e. Please let me pay outside eBay, so you have no come back whatsoever.

It's a good thing that you are now aware of the various protection settings you can use to prevent timewasters interfering with your auctions. I endorse the view of others that it will be helpful to build a feedback rating before trying to sell a big ticket item.

12-10-14, 22:57
Well if you are used to loking at spamers, as I am on the site I moderate, you can see that the name in the email has been generated by a programme that take words from lists and joins them to make random usernames.
This is a comon spammer tactic to try and make their random names look 'real'.

The main clues?
'elizabet' is obviously taken from elizabeth but has been shortened by the programme, most can only take eight letters at a time from each word.
'gorge' looks like george but is probably just as read, from a second list of random words that are not names.

13-10-14, 09:21
As far as im aware ebay and paypal work together to tackle fraud..once the buyer sends the money the seller posts it tracked with a tracking number to the account holder. Has ebay confirmed this is fraudulent activity? Once the item has been signed for they cannot get paypal to claim a refund until the seller responds with evidence they sent it which is easy just contact the company you sent it through

13-10-14, 10:02
I have been Selling and Buying on eBay for nearly 20 Years, I have a Positive Feedback of 100% with over 2000 individual Feedback.

If you receive an offer to buy something outwith eBay do not respond to the request. What to do is to report this request to eBay and they will take the appropriate action.

If your high bidder does not pay you can after four days, ie 96 hours after the auction closes, open a non payment case with eBay. If after another 96 hours has passed and you still have not been paid you can then close the case and you will then be refunded all eBay seller fees and the bidder will receive a strike against their account, three strikes and they lose their account.

If your High Bidder does not pay or if you have more than one of the item you are selling you can offer to the under-bidder a second chance offer for the bid that they made.

If a Bidder has been asking you to accept a payment method that you do not have listed you are not obliged to accept. If anyone asks me this, I ONLY accept payment by PayPal, I add their name to the Blocked Bidder List and then they can not bid on any of my Auctions. If you state you only accept payment by PayPal and then a High Bidder says he wants your address so he can send you a cheque then I suggest this. Send them a polite message via eBay stating that you only accept payment via PayPal and then wait. Wait the 96 hours and if no payment report them to eBay for Non Payment, then if still not paid after a further 96 hours close the case and get your seller fees back and then add this account to your Blocked Bidder list.

Just for information. PayPal and eBay will be splitting next year as they will becoming two completely separate companies.

If you have any further questions regarding eBay just ask and if I know the answer I will be happy to help.

13-10-14, 20:30
Thanks Kodiak that's useful to know.

EBay sent me an email via their site saying I could invite any of the bidders back to a one day 'second chase bid' for the original auction. I've actually just invited one bidder back and told him the price I would accept. The price is actually just Q£5 less than his final offer.

He sounds genuine to me but he may well have bought another iPhone 5 since my auction - we'll see.

22-10-14, 18:15
You've got to be careful with new phones. It was very easy to connect the iphone 6 to my photos, emails and contacts as they were held in the icloud. I just had a request to upgrade my iphone software to 8.1which is fine. But I also requested to join the new icloud Drive that backs your phone up and allows you to work on the same document from any device. Great. Only this appears to be a long job and my phone wants to go to sleep - if I had but known!!

I should have stuck to the simple free upgrade. We live but do we ever learn!!

03-11-14, 15:08
Don't forget - if you have an Apple iPhone 5 or above you can download the new system software for your phone through iTunes

04-11-14, 15:37
That was a fright!!!

Ebay sent me an invoice for £253 for trying to sell my phone - what a cheek!

Luckily I was able to talk briefly to one of their customer service team who wiped the slate clean.

I think in one of the two fraudulent auctions they must have billed me for selling my iPhone at the silly bid price of £8,000!

I'll never use Ebay again as I easily sold the phone to my local post master when putting up a 'for sale' card in the window.

I'm still in awe of the customer liaison staff - so calm, friendly and efficient - all about putting the customer first.

04-11-14, 16:50
Ebay sent me an invoice for £253 for trying to sell my phone - what a cheek!

More than you got for the phone itself?:D

I have to admit that following your journey as a first time seller on ebay has confirmed that I won't be touching it.

Postcards in the newsagents for me too.

23-11-14, 23:29
What coulld be worse!
Despite eBay saying all charges have been dropped for the failed sale of my iPhone - PayPal has withdrawn ?250 from my Bank Account without my authority. That's even despite the fact that EBay haven't asked for it.

Whatever you do don't try to sell anything expensive through EBay via PayPal - what a mess and I guarantee they won't be crediting my bank account as quickly as they took it!

Daylight robbery done digitally!!!

24-11-14, 00:47
Check your PayPal account to confirm whether the withdrawal was on behalf of eBay. If so, get on to eBay and get them to reverse the charge.

If you want to take a more hardball approach, remove all cards from your PayPal account, contact your bank to reverse the debit under the Direct Debit Guarantee (make sure you read the Direct Debit Guarantee first to check it covers the scenario you are in) and then cancel the Direct Debit to PayPal. The problem is that this will likely lead to PayPal starting debt recovery action against you for the ?50 in fairly short order.

I'd go down the consensual route first, not least because you gave no consideration (promise or payment) for eBay's promise to cancel the charges, so there is no contract compelling eBay to cancel the charges.

24-11-14, 15:56
Thanks Flymo.

I phoned Paypal who then put me through to Ebay customer services who looked into my account. They say they will credit my PayPal account to the tune of 250 then I can ask PayPal to credit my choosen Bank Account.

I guess it's just a waiting game as to when eBay press a button to credit PayPal.

I'll let you know if they stick to their word!

25-11-14, 12:52
I'm definitely thinking of upgrading to the iphone 5s now that I have a pip backpayment. But I'm not rushing into as I have other priorities. But there seems little point in paying out £150 to get the wifi function working on my 4s when I could put that money towards a new phone.

25-11-14, 12:52
I'm definitely thinking of upgrading to the iphone 5s now that I have a pip backpayment. But I'm not rushing into as I have other priorities. But there seems little point in paying out ?150 to get the wifi function working on my 4s when I could put that money towards a new phone.

25-11-14, 12:53
there are gremilins in the works today! first I couldn't reply with quote on another thread then this has posted twice. Hmm...

25-11-14, 13:24
Just for laughs, the first example of your duplicate post has a pound sign and the second has a ?, catlover. There definitely are a few gremlins since the forum was resurrected.

25-11-14, 20:31
I'm definitely thinking of upgrading to the iphone 5s now that I have a pip backpayment. But I'm not rushing into as I have other priorities. But there seems little point in paying out ?150 to get the wifi function working on my 4s when I could put that money towards a new phone.

Don't bother trying to update iPhone 4s as you should be able to get at least an unlocked iPhone 5 32GB for £200

The iPhone 5 is exactly the same spec as the iPhone 5C. I would have sold you my old iPhone for £150 as a mates price - bit late now.

Best priced iphone5
- 4G Enabled
- go for 32MB if you have lots of Apps or music
- you can download very latest iPhone software to use on iPhone 5 which you can't with iPhone 4s.
- iPhone 5 has metal case just like iPhone 5S

- built in wi-fi so you don't use much data
- SIM only deals on 4G network from £10

My nano SIM only deal with EE is expensive at £13 a month for unlimited calls/text and 500MB. I will haggle in January and get more discount!

The iPhone 6 and OS8 software still surprises. A friend called today and as I was on the Mac. The call transferred to the computer and I took the mobile call via the computer - spooky

26-11-14, 08:11
It's not the 5 I want , LT, it's the 5s (not 5c). Will give me 4G with my existing network (giff gaff on O2).

IOS8 software is available to me on my 4s but I cannot download without wifi (was prompted last night to update to 8.1.1). Mind you, last time there was a big download to IOS I hated the new version for ages so probably best stick with what I've got for now!

26-11-14, 08:14
well this is very odd. The same thing is happening as happened yesterday. I got to click on submit reply and get a message that I have to wait for 30 seconds between posts. But it's over 30 seconds since I last posted I think but lo and behold my post has already submitted even though I had not pressed submit. So something is causing posts to be posted without clicking on submit reply.

26-11-14, 12:56
Interestingly I have noticed that the pound sign glitch, and the other glitches, only seem to be affecting things if I am using Internet Explorer as a browser.

If I switch to my Firefox browser then all appears as it should be.

Don't know if thats of any help to to Admin in sorting it out.

26-11-14, 13:00
Interestingly I have noticed that the pound sign glitch, and the other glitches, only seem to be affecting things if I am using Internet Explorer as a browser.

If I switch to my Firefox browser then all appears as it should be.

Don't know if thats of any help to Admin in sorting it out.

26-11-14, 21:40
Double posts too and the icons are not in the quick reply box.

27-11-14, 11:26
As I say the problems seem to be mainly with Internet Explorer, especialy my older version running on XP.

I was having problems earlier, no Icons, posts not seeming to be made but then appearing twice, reply with quote not working, etc.
So I have switched to Firefox and everything is as it should be; or at least it seems to be for now.

27-11-14, 13:48
Ebay refund

Just to let you know how things are going. Ebay has promised to refund my PayPal account by midnight tonight.

What I don't understand is that in this digital age something as simple as a refund or payment can be made instantly yet they mess around as if they are processing a cheque - unbelieveable!

No doubt Paypal will mess me around too.

I thought my phone was a high price sale until a friend of mine told me that they sold their car on eBay!

27-11-14, 18:06
I bet you'll be sat by your computer at 12.01 to check whether the refund has been made!

28-11-14, 11:22
All is happiness and joy with full refund given back to credit card.

Catlover - saw this and thought of you. I know it's not quite the phone you wanted but quite honestly there's not a lot of difference as they'll both use exactly the same new software.

20-12-14, 09:55
All those of you who have these fancy Apple phones should read this. No doubt there are other makes that exploit their Asian workers.
Doesn't it make you feel ashamed?

20-12-14, 10:31
I think Apple lay down guidelines for working conditions but the issue is that the companies tat make the iPhone just ignore the guidelines.

This company also make phones for other manufacturers so all tech companies are at fault.

What would you suggest to rectify the issue?

20-12-14, 11:11
That the firms that are contracting these companies to produce these phones and all phones for that matter,(and other goods as well as it is not only phones) really do check on visually and on very regular unannounced visits instead of presuming that the workers are being paid and treated as they are reported to be.

In fact, if people stopped buying them just to keep up with the Jonse's or because they "must have" the latest gadget, due to the exploitation of these workers, it may make them think again about keeping a better eye on oriental practices. The only downfall would be that those workers who are worked so hard for a pittance probably wouldn't have a job at all which would be even worse.

In fact there is no real solution other than very strict overseeing by the companies who are subcontracting these oriental companies.

To be honest in my mind, those that spend the sort of money that is charged for these latest gadgets need their heads looking at and have more money than sense. I know, even if I was well off enough I wouldn't even contemplate buying one.
At the end of the day what did we do when there was no such thing as mobile phones let alone ones that will do everything and anything.

Folk that brag about having the latest make me sick, so unfair on folk who are struggling and rubbing their noses in the fact that they are so hard up, often through no fault of their own.

23-12-14, 11:19
I was saved by my phone the other week when I got my new hire scooter. Got it out and assembled it but it was beeping and I had no idea why. With a bit of help from google I was able to locate a manual and rectify the problem :)

When it comes to what to spend our money on, whether we have a little or a lot, we all have different priorities. I'm sure other people spend their money on things that I consider to be a waste but if it's what they want to spend their money on then that's up to them. Do bear in mind that not everyone who has a fancy phone actually bought it outright - they may have paid a small amount then pay a monthly phone plan. I don't have a landline so my mobile is my only phone (and my music player, my sat nav, my diary and so on!)

23-12-14, 11:25
I have a basic phone that is on PAYG, rarely use it and it is only there for emergencies. I have a breakdown number for my scooter on it so all I have to do is ring them if the worse should happen.
There is no way I would tie myself into a contract, can do better things with my money like put food on the table and keep the house warm.