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04-11-14, 16:02
I am looking into buying a Mobility Scooter, one that will fold down and be transported in the back of my Renault Scenic. I require one that would carry my weight, (this is the main problem), of 22 stone.

So I thought I would ask if anyone here knows pf any models of Scooters that would be suitable. Also of any Companies that would be prepared to deliver to the North Coast of Scotland, (that is another problem). without charging a silly amount for delivery.

So far I have not been very successful in my research and if anyone has any helpful suggestions they would be gratefully received. :D

07-11-14, 10:08
Hi Kodiak

There is a limit to how foldable a scooter can be but there are some here suitable for the larger person which might be worth investigating.


There is information on suppliers North of the border that sell scooters in the link below. You will have to ask if they have anything suitable and whether they can deliver economically.


07-11-14, 10:40
Hi Kodiak, this one can carry someone up to 25 stone.


You'd need a hoist to get it in your car as it weighs 225 ibs, You'd need to check if this model plus hoist would fit in the hatch.

Good luck.

08-11-14, 12:45
Yeah, sorry mate but a scooter has to be pretty to robust to cope with your weight and with increased robustness = more bulk and so not likely to be foldable. The more lightweight ones probably have a weight limit.

08-11-14, 16:52
Would you be able to take a scooter apart? This is what the majority of boot scooter users do to carry them in their boots. I'm fairly certain there are scooters which would accommodate your weight, but like all of us I'd imagine you'd need to try it out. I'm sorry, I've no idea about how this might work in your part of the world. To give you an idea of size, I have a Pride Go Go scooter that fits in my 7 sweater Scenic with a hoist (I'm unable to take it apart or lift it) but it fits in most boots, and would certainly very easily fit in yours with a bit of disassembling.

Scooter man has just posted a youtube clip of his new scooter - this might help you to get an idea of what's involved.

Good luck with this, if it works out it will be well worth it!

08-11-14, 17:14
I'm on nodding hello terms with a man near me, who I think has one of these

http://www.pride-mobility.co.uk/docs/UK_Go-Go%20ET%20Plus_Sales%20sheet.pdf ( I have the standard one). He's a big man but looks comfy.

Although this will be larger than a standard scooter I'm certain that, if in pieces, it would be ok in your boot.