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    by , 08-29-2019 at 10:49 PM (Pension & housing benefit)
    Hello all. Looking for some info regarding basic pension and housing benefit. Present situation ESA £270 fortnight, PIP standard living and mob. Wife, basic pension £165 wk, also is a carer for her mother. Housing benefit £270 month, ...

    by , 08-19-2019 at 09:17 PM (Pension & housing benefit)
    Hello all. I am due to retire with basic pension in 2yrs time. At present on esa £270 fortnight + PIP standard on both. My wife just became retired with basic pension £165 wk. but still cares for her mother. Housing benefit £270 month (rent £320 month) Would like to know that when i retire and receive my pension £165 ...
  3. Change of circumstances in regard to PIP

    Quote Originally Posted by Welshchick View Post
    Hi. , can anyone tell me wether I need to report a change of circumstances because one of my illness has worsened and another has changed . I took the dwp to a tribunal at court last year and the daily living was changed to enhanced and the mobility stayed at standard. The date was from April 2018 - 2020 so I think I will get a review form this month . As of today 19/08/2019 this has not happened !!!! anyway so should I tell about the change . I have also heard that you must wait 3 months before
  4. Planet 7 Casino New Logo

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ID:	2165Probably most of the players expected to see the stars, galaxies and other objects of our universe. Despite this name, the logo of the Planet 7 Casino is represented by gold coins and a lucky "7." Red shades prevail in the design of the logo because they attract fortune and wealth according to the legends of different nations. All elements are made in 3D format and this means that online casino monitors modern trends.
  5. Direct Payments

    Quote Originally Posted by jenwill View Post
    ‘Take a break service’ not suitable for myself, as LA only offering afternoons
    When need is for morning (can only do this business) only so have not used what should be
    3 hours a week! X18 months !???? example £18 p/h x3 £54 so that’s a lot of money I haved saved the
    L A! Wrong of them as they never offered me D/P as could then pay someone I know for the morning
    that was needed????