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  1. car widths

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    Hi sparky123 new member
    I am a disabled driver (lower left leg amputated) I
    Drive a mark a meriva a auto which measures 1695 mm width this goes in my standard garage.I.t's getting a bit long in the tooth,so I looked for a similar car on the motability scheme.what a joke! Similar cars e.g. Kier venga be golf se. All over 1700 mm.All the new (soft roaders) the same. I can get most in the garage but I cannot get out. The only one that fits is honda jazz but the seats are to low,Why have
  2. Respite care

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    What can be annoying is carer needs a break! But you cannot book your holiday
    Till you know partner has somewhere to go! Care homes will only let you know
    One or two weeks before hand! But we found booking independently your own holidays
    With caravan sites with good facilities, hotels with good rooms etc all sounds good dontcha think!
    Which is where the D/P should be paid in advance so you just get on with sorting
    Out breaks etc.without having to wait for social
  3. Make everyone with a lifetime disability, mental or physical, have life time PIP

  4. Hope this is allowed, the more signatures the better, over 37,000 already?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelob View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Number7 View Post

    Direct link to the petition :
    Thank you I couldn’t work out how to do that. Would you be able to put it directly on site please? Thank you
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