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Citations: Rules, Peculiarities, Essential Features

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In the process of essay writing, you have to take care about the quality of the content you produce. It is possible when you know essential citation rules. You cannot include ideas of other authors without proper quotations and paraphrasing. Otherwise, such actions will be counted as plagiarism, and you may fail the course.

· Citation Styles

There are many different citations styles elaborated for different purposes, and each of them works very well if used according to the context and subject. For instance, the APA style is commonly used for social sciences, while MLA – for liberal arts and humanities. In contrast, for medical researches, AMA is more applicable. The choice of style is essential, however, in most of the cases, it is predetermined by requirements of an assignment by a tutor.

· Cite Immediately

It happens very often that students forget to put a proper citation when writing an academic paper. They may think to find the suitable citation method later and correct the paper as for the citation. However, such things are easily forgotten, so you are suggested to cite immediately after paraphrasing major points of view reflected by another author. It is important not to leave a direct quote without proper citation; otherwise, this will be definitely counted to be plagiarism. To avoid such issues, you should work on creating a citation in parallel to writing the essay content.

· Citation Data

When working on proper citation, you have to take into account all the data in the source. These would be an author, date of publication, title, the name of the journal / magazine / book / web-resource, issue, volume, the pages used, date of access, website, where this resource is placed. It is essential to verify these data from the alternative resources to provide a valid citation. You should remember that fake citations and not valid information included in quotes are penalized because it is not a fair play in academic ethics.

· Use Citation Machines

Some resources provide essential help for students in creating appropriate citations that comply with the rules. These are, for example,;; Such resources are free of charge, and they suggest creating citations for academic papers, including essays, researches, dissertations, etc. It is easy to use citation machines because you need not worry about how to construct the proper citation according to one or another academic style. Citation generators propose to input the citation data on the source (author, title, date, etc.) and get the final citation as the ready-made quotation product.

If you are not accustomed to citations and do not obtain writing skills, you should better order an academic paper from the trusted essay writing help. This way you would save much useful time that specifically matters if you are an already employed student. Taking care about your future is meaningful if you are about to manage time sufficiently. Ordering a high-quality essay may be the key solution to the set of problems with non-sufficient academic achievements.
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