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Change of circumstances in regard to PIP

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Hi. , can anyone tell me wether I need to report a change of circumstances because one of my illness has worsened and another has changed . I took the dwp to a tribunal at court last year and the daily living was changed to enhanced and the mobility stayed at standard. The date was from April 2018 - 2020 so I think I will get a review form this month . As of today 19/08/2019 this has not happened !!!! anyway so should I tell about the change . I have also heard that you must wait 3 months before a new illness can be taken into account ???
Since creating this post I had a very bad attack of DKA .... Diabetic Keto Acidosis and was half an hour away from diabetic coma or death . My son kept on at me to phone for some help but I became unable to think or do for myself and he took over and phoned 999 . I had 4 paramedics all doing different things to me and when stable enough to be transported to hospital the lead paramedic said to him that it was very good that he had phoned and not waited as this could have been a very different situation !!!
Since then I have now been put on insulin which is going to be my change of circumstances along with the medication .
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  1. Percypops's Avatar
    Hello Welshchick

    New on here, but wanted to let you know that I'm going through this as well. On June 10 2017, I applied for PIp as I had realised that working with people was too distressing. I don't claim any other benefits as I have an injury and retired on I'll health grounds. + my husband has a good job.

    I was initially refused an award being awarded 6 for daily living and 4 for mobility after a home visit.. I challenged this with the MR and was again refused any award and I took the DWP to Tribunal in March 2018. I won't go into the lies the DWP a d HP stated and coming from a legal background and despite the physical pain and mental pain I was in, I found the inner strength to do it. I was informed the day after the tribunal which had a DWP rep there, that I had been awarded 11 points for daily living and 10 points for mobility.

    As time has went on, my physical mobility has changed significantly. Even this post, to this point has taken me over an hour to type. My award ends on 31 May next year. For me, I don't anymore have a choice. My husband has to do so much around the house now and he's so tired. We know we can't keep going the way we are because of my difficulties so he is intending on leaving work next financial year to help me and care for me full time. Yes we have to accept that his health is important too. Leaving a £39k job is a pretty significant change In circumstances.

    My forms have to be back beginning of October 2019, and I am scared to bits and pieces. It's already 1am and I can't sleep.

    I accept that the DWP may reduce, award the same orenhance or give nothing for claiming a change of circumstances. But in my case, I've had to do it as my husbands health now suffers working 12 hrs (incl travel) a day because he has to help me in more ways than he should have to.

    Just make sure that you document absolutely everything. You will be sent out a new application, Yip, the one you filled in on your first application and that's the one I'm working on now

    So good luck to you. I hope everything works out for you. Xx
  2. Percypops's Avatar
    Ps. Sounds to me like you have a sterling son there to help keep you safe. Hoping you have a speedy recovery. X