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  1. Thank you, that is very helpful information

    Thank you, that is very helpful information
  2. Being disabled and getting made redundant from work after nearly 20 years

    Disabled due to a stroke aged 4

    Can anyone help?

    Today, I was told that my job in the finance sector was to be made redundant due to downsizing of the company. I have been employed since...
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    Access to work

    i have a physical disability where I cannot walk very far. I have just had surgery on my left wrist. I have a motability car which I am unable to drive in the short term. I have a full time job...
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    No bonus or cost of living pay rise

    i am a 40 year old disabled man. I work for one of the banks which became government owned after the banking crisis, I have been employed by this company for 15 years. This week all employees in the...
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    Thanks Lighttouch very helpful

    Thanks Lighttouch very helpful
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    Struggling at work

    I have numerous physical problems due to a road traffic accident when aged 4. I have a disability, as a result of a stroke, I have a left-sided hemiplegia and have chronic back pain (broken T12...
  7. Thanks for the advice, I probably will get...

    Thanks for the advice, I probably will get another car on Motability and hope that when the time comes I do qualify for the enhanced rate. If I don't and I have to hand the car back, I will have to...
  8. Motability contract ends soon - do I wait for PIP application

    I have received my letter from Motability to choose my next car, but should I wait to see if I will qualify for an enhanced rate PIP? I work full time but due to having a left-sided hemi-plegia...
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