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    short break away

    Hi. I am on a short break away in Llandudno (Wales) with my mum. We are staying in a nice hotel. Where did you go to on your last short break away? Did you have a nice time? What did you do while you were there?

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    Hi Sarah

    We went on a short break to Malta last week, really enjoyed it, five days, the weather was kind to us, 17c.

    Hope you enjoy your break


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    Been and gone

    We went to Strasbourg over Xmas for 5 days, lovely and relaxing, no xmas hassle, lovely cheery Xmas markets and all just a train ride away.

    In 4 weeks time we are going to Bruges for 3 nights, just to get away and for only £97 return for 2 on the Eurostar it cant be missed, loving train travel, its much more civilised than being hurded through airports and sitting in seats not nearly big enough for a little person like me.

    The next one is on the train to Durham to a family wedding in April, £19.40 for 2 - thats only 1 way but we cant get into London (30 minutes away) for that price.

    In July we are off on another short break to Amsterdam by ferry and train to Masstricht, its the only reason I go to work!!

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    RubyRed, bad news I'm afraid, Durham is closed for April lol

    I know what you mean about airline seating, I'm just short of 6'5" and my Autistic son is about 6'2", unfortunately the only place he wants to go on holiday is Florida to see our friends over there. For me it's not a holiday at all, I still have to look after him 24/7 and you can imagine what 9+ hours crammed into an airplane does to someone my size with mobility/joint problems!.

    My eldest lives in Amsterdam and keeps asking me to go over but the seating on KLM or EasyJet is even worse than the long haul flights, only other option would be to use the ferry from Newcastle so I'm trying to sort something out for February as his partner is going away snowboarding with his friends and he'll be left on his own.

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    Last short break was in Shropshire where my partner lives. Well it sort of counts.

    Conference away in Blackpool I think last year was def a short break and our favourite jaunt is a boutique hotel in Brighton for a couple of nights.

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    pheadra, I know the seating is awful, but the flight to amsterdam in only 45 mins,could you grit your teeth for that long?

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    Hi Deebee

    Turns out I may not have to, my son may be coming over here for a week or so, not sure if he's stating with me or his partners mum (she's a better cook and he gets spoilt rotten!).

    Took me 2 years to go back to Florida in December and I still had horrendous problems from the flight, surface vein thrombosis etc. so trying to avoid flying for as long as I can!. Problem is my Autistic son is busy making plans to attend Metrocon 2015 ( ) which is a massive anime convention in Tampa, while he has a couple of gaming friends who we met in person for the first time in December and they do seem nice I don't think they'd be able to cope with him full time as they have 2 small children and jobs etc. so it would mean someone taking him. As there's nobody apart from me it's not looking good for him going.

    Strangely we had a visit last week from the community action team (or something like that) who (as usual) promised all sorts of help with him, they were having a conference on Friday and promised to get back to me either Friday afternoon or Saturday with what they decided, big surprise, I've not heard anything from them at all, just like his care coordinator who promised all sorts of help, getting him on courses, work placement etc and yet again did nothing, we only saw her 3 times last year.

    Sorry, going off topic

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    Good luck with all that! And it will be nice to have your other son over for a bit

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    Thank you for your replies.

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    Phaedra, the bad news is we're getting off the train in Durham, we are really going to Sunderland but didnt want to broadcast it. Really have gone off the idea of flying, so many negative points. Ive heard the ferry from Newcastle is just a floating pub so that wouldnt be my idea of fun, depends what time ferry though, Im sure theyre not all like that!

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