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Thread: Benefits advice please

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    Benefits advice please

    Hello please could anyone possibly tell me how it works if my daughter started work, has I'm currently on esa would I still get my esa paid into my account still or would I not get esa if my daughter worked I'm disabled also. Would myself and my daughter be paid separate


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    Hi lovehearts8888,

    I notice that you have asked the same thing slightly differently three times, please just ask once in one place; that way all the answers will be in the same place and easier to follow.

    Your ESA is your ESA what your daughter does should not affect it.

    It would help us to give a better answer if you could give us more details of just what benefits you (and maybe your daughter?) are currently recieving.

    Obviously you are getting ESA but elsewhere you also mention SDP, are you getting PIP or DLA as well?
    Is you ESA Support Group or WRAG?
    Is you ESA Contribution Based or Income Related?
    Is your daughter getting carers allowance for you?

    All information you can give will help us to help you.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    Hi yes I'm currently on dla and in the support group esa. I currently get the sdp premium also my daughter doesn't get any allowance from the government my daughter is thinking of possible work in the future but I was wondering if I would still get my award if she started work has I think I have heard something about universal credit only one person gets it in one account. But mainly for now if she started work how does that affect my sdp and esa

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    Hi I forgot to mention if my daughter decided also to claim jsa, am I still entitled to claim esa? Has I really wonder if dwp allow this, or if she worked would I get my award reduced.


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    Hi lovehearts8888

    If your daughter wants to start work thats ok, as your claim for DLA and ESA is for you and you only, and the same goes for jsa if your daughter wants to make a claim for jsa that ok to! As that will be for her, but if she claim jsa i know there are rules regarding hours that she can work and she would have to tell dwp what hours she has worked and how much she makes.

    Im sure someone else will be along who has more info on the jsa & work rules.

    But as for your claim for esa and dla thats ok, it will not stop.

    Hope this helps

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    Hi marcus6
    Thankyou. With regards to housing benefit also would I have to pay more rent if my daughter worked even though I am still on esa and dla


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    im not an expert but i think you will find loveheart that if you are on middle or high rate care whatever your daughter earns will not affect your housing benefit as she wont be classed as a non-dependant, thats how it used to be and ive not heard off that changing .

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    If you stop getting child benefit etc for her then you are likely to lose your sdp if you get it.

    If you get dla care then non dependant deductions don't apply to housing benefit

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    Hi thanks Glasgow adviser
    I know it's very complex the sdp I think one has to live alone to receive am I correct?
    My concerns are with the universal credit does everyone's income get paid into one account per household?
    Also what ever my daughter decided on what to do career wise would I still get esa I think it's in total 123 per week has I'm in the support group do dwp still pay me that amount even though I would loose the sdp?

    I've currently had the award for some years if it was to stop due to child benefit stopping could I apply again in a couple of years or will sdp be abolished or will there be something in place of that


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    Live alone or be classed as living alone. Other disabled people depending on their entitlement can be ignored as can children.

    Only the sdp would be affected.

    Don't worry about universal credit for the moment.

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