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Thread: RAc assist replacement car

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    RAc assist replacement car

    Been on phone all morning trying to get a suitable car from RAC Motabilty assist after mine was towed to the garage after suffering a major breakdown.. Because of where I live I need a car with high clearance. I currently have an xtrail, before that a Volvo XC.. However all they will offer me is a car without high clearance... In the past a like for like hasn't been a problem ( type of car not trim level etc.) So its either take a car that is totally unsuitable or tough! They suggested a taxi to get to appointments etc but I would still have to get up to main rd to be picked up and a taxi to nearest town was ?46 last time I had to get one. I know I live in the sticks but I honestly thought if your car was in the Garage then you should be supplied with a car that meets your needs? Apparently the like for like only counts for the average car and not suv etc types... Nissan are trying to get me something but it wont be till end of the week probably and then will be probably a Juke which aT pInch can cope with but not great for wheelchair etc. Anyone else been in a similar situation who lives in the Countryside?

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    It's to do with the insurance. You'll never be offered like for like unless you drive a Vauxhall Corsa!

    I have an automatic MPV - they could get a manual version but not automatic.

    If you work phone Access to Work who will reimburse your travel expenses to and from work.

    It's very inconvenient when your transport is taken away for any reason.

    Good luck.

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    I'm not currently on the Mobility scheme but when I was, and when I had a major breakdown, on the M6 of all places, The RAC were kind enough to offer me a larger car. They were going to supply a small car, something like a Peugeot 106 but I got a 405. It was a few years go.

    More recently I had a major accident, not my fault (hit by another car on the M4), and was offered a similar car, a Jaguar XJ, although mine was an XKR. The first few weeks it was supplied by Jaguar and then the rest of the period, nearly 6 months, by the insurance company. I was luck both companies used the same car lease company. I was allowed to just keep the car.

    With Access to Work you will have to be assessed, and if approved they will then reimburse you. You will be unlikely to claim retrospectively however.

    Hope you get it all sorted quickly.
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