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Thread: Can I move?

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    Can I move?

    Hi i live in Northern Ireland, 25, Had my 1st and only psychotic episode and was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in 2011, Currently On ESA, Mother receives Carers and my DLA. My question "Can I move?" basically means can i move across the pond to England and keep my Benefits/live there permanently, my paranoia is mainly based around paramilitary activities, I wont go into details but lets just say my "Delusions/Memory Delusions" as the psychiatrists call it are that they are going to one day get me, I am also told i have to take it in decade blocks to see improvements. Which sounds awful, Where I live is severely effecting my quality of life.. its hell to be honest, Hypervigilance when im outside is absolutely exhausting, Paranoia inside isnt much better fearing the door will burst down any second, jolting upright in bed if i hear something loud in the middle of the night, its coming on 4 years now since i was discharged from hospital and i'm seeing no improvements now than the day i left, just sick of it.

    Any help/advice would be much much appreciated


    Edit: Also while i was in hospital i spent 9 weeks there i was also Detained for absconding
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    Just been reading your other questions and threads.

    If you cannot leave the house without being purely in a car with all doors locked, how would you actually get to England? You cannot fly and you cannot take the ferry as you need to leave the car and go up on top into the ferry? You state you want to go to England? What about your mother who is your carer?

    You would have an entirely totally different environment, you would have to find accommodation, set up accounts for gas, electric, water, tv, internet and rent.

    This is extremely threatening to able bodied people, let alone someone with your condition.

    I notice you didn't return to any of the topics you previously started - you asked the question and nothing more?

    In answer to your question YES you can move, but WHERE would you actually go, do you have family in England? Who would pack up your home and do all the paperwork.

    Have you thought this through very carefully. It would take months, you'd have to come over to sort out prospective accommodation, rent or buy - then return home and then return when you've made all the arrangements. This will cost more than the £2,000 you say your mother has to pay for car insurance.

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    Good points Amy. From previous threads it sounds like your mum looks after your finances like paying rent, gas, electric, water, TV licence, car insurance etc - would you be happy budgeting for yourself.

    Your mum gets carer's allowance as she's there to support you. If you came to England you'd need support to live independently.

    Supported housing. It's your right to live independently with support.

    This website looks useful -

    Different types of mental health issues
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