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Thread: esa and dla prescription

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    esa and dla prescription

    Simple question really, do you pay for prescription if your in receipt of ESA monthly (support group) and DLA (low rate). Thanks in advance for any replies.


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    It will depend on whether you get income based ESA or cont based. DLA is not relevant to free prescriptions as it's not a means tested benefit.

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    yes its contrib based esa 109 a week, so the dla means i have to pay for prescription
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    You will not get free prescriptions with cont ESA.
    You have to be getting an income based benefit such as Income based ESA, Income support etc.
    I get CB support ESA and enhanced rates of both PIP components but pay for prescriptions.
    I am going to set up monthly DD to pay for mine as I have to have a lot of prescriptions. You can do this instead of having to find the full amount for pre-payment certificate.
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    There is an option for free prescriptions if you are unable to get to a chemist. You fill in the form and your doctor has to sign it.
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    You can also get an exemption certificate on grounds of low income.
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    sorry am on income based esa support group .. just checked my old letters.. and my dla is lowest rate, just atm its costing me 48 pound a fortnight for medicines

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    Hiya I'm on contribution based esa support group, I do have to pay for prescriptions but you can get a pre- paid card, I pay roughly about £ 11.00 a month for all my meds it's done by direct debit, and you can have one of these pre-paid cards if you are working or not, hope this info helps you x

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    If you don't qualify for an exemption certificate then the best option is a prepayment certificate.

    Until we reached the age for free prescriptions without the prepayment it would have cost us nearly £200 a month between us at that time, almost 5 years ago.

    If you don't want to get a prepayment or can't get them free ask your doc if you can have 2 monthly prescriptions or failing that, monthly.

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    so i am on income based esa (sg) and low rate dla .. i have to pay for scripts :O .. its just that 24 pound a week is a lot of money to me

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    Hi if you're shelling out that much a prepayment certificate would pretty soon pay for itself. I understand that you can apply for one on-line now. Have a look at this link for details:
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