I've recently been to see the Hand Therapist and was measured up for a pair of nighttime - wrist braces/supports and also a pair I can use during the day.

Last night someone mentioned to me that I cannot use the 'day' supports when driving as I can be fined? Could someone clarify this for me.

The lady in question who mentioned this to me suffers from Brittle Bone - she's about 3 ft tall - in or out of a wheelchair, her arms from shoulder to finger tip are about 18 inches long. Not sure if she said it was her boyfriend or someone else told her that she could be fined if she wore them.

Nighttime pair - long with metal piece moulded inside and goes up over thumbs and up to the start of the fingers and down the wrist 3/4 to the elbow.
Day pair - half the size softer more flexible and padded up and over thumb and only a couple of inches over the wrist.

Some people use them for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - especially the nighttime pair.

Could someone clarify this for me? Many thanks