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Thread: Advice on disabled cruising

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    Someone pay for it & I will do it tomorrow, lol!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stepheninleeds View Post
    Someone pay for it & I will do it tomorrow, lol!
    know what you mean Stephen I would be away cruising 6 months out of every year if i had the money.
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    They would stop your DLA then, lol! Mind you, if you cruised the UK that would be legal, but not sure we haev enough to see for 6 months?
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    I was all geared up to book a short cruise this year but the company concerned could not provide me with any proper information about disembarking at one of the ports where a tender is used. They just couldn't tell me or show me pictures of what was expected, and since a visit to this particular city was my main reason for taking the cruise in the first place I reluctantly had to make other plans. Our son is always trying to get us to go on a cruise holiday but being on the actual boat is incidental to me, I'm more interested in the places visited. Also, the interesting cruises tend to last longer and cost more, and having pets/livestock we don't want to be away too long.

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    That is the problem, we often have to find out things before we can do anything. When this information is lacking it can spoil it for us, & mean we cannot take the chance doing something.
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    Choosing a cruise for me with my wheelchair friend would mean no ports by tender or at the most one. Tenders can be rocky at the best of times and if the sea is choppy or has a swell it obviously makes it worse --- BUT - there are always big burly staff in the tender boat and on the ship gang plank who hold, steady and assist us in and out. being in a wheelchair or unsteady on our feet obviously brings added problems with this. I have seen royal caribbean advertise a 'handy van' whatever this is and I have yet to see one. What I believe happens is that the staff will physically pick up the w/chair and person in it and lift it across, but never seen that done either - I would imagine that to be a bit perilous to be honest.
    The cruise companies cannot say what the tides/sea will be like on the day of your port of call so will not offer much in advice or commit themselves to getting anyone into a tender boat.
    Again the hight of the gangway determines on the tides which can in some places alter considerably through the day so maybe on disembarking it may be from deck 4 but embarking may be deck 3 ---- this is to make them less steep.
    However on some occassions this cannot be helped and the gangway's may be quite steep BUT do not worry as staff will be there to help you and generally take control so the carers have to do nothing. Also on some occassions they will open another gangway just for w/chair or people with mobility problems we have had this happen and as able bodied have had to use the normal gangway whilst the mobility challenged have been escorted by staff via another exit/entrance.
    Hope this hasn't been too complicated to understand as I'm not always that good at making myself understood.
    As I have said before try out maybe a 7 night cruise round the canaries which I think is the easiest cruise to do for w/chair users.
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    Thanks for that detailed information. I do appreciate the problems and variables. I was just disappointed that the company concerned weren't willing to make proper enquiries to supply me with the information I needed to make my own assessment of whether I would be able to manage the ladder/ramp whatever. I am not a wheelchair user. I have little strength in my legs and my knees have limited flexion.

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    I don't think I have a photo to send you which shows what they gangway are like but they can be steep but not always, they will have rails to hold onto and as i said before if you need help you would get it by the staff, however I can only say this about royal caribbean who are very helpful or P&O. Can't speak for any of the other cruise companies. R/C would be my favourite as we have tried and tested them.
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    I see SQ, yes, I can see where that would be an issue for you.

    I am the same PH. such gangways would be an issue for me too.

    If they are too steep I could not use them.
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    Royal Caribbean and P and O are very disabled friendly. Other cruise lines that are very disabled friendly and I work with regularly for disabled clients are NCL, Cunard and Princess. I am going on a cruise with Princess in May around the Med and they offer several excursions which they advertise as wheelchair friendly. Princess also have recntly put a video on Facebook showing how they worked with Guide Dogs in the USA. As I have said in earlier posts the problem with many of the high street travel agents is they are not very expeienced in working with people who have disabilities. Both my partner and I have disabilities so appreciate the difficulties our client's face. At Silver Service Cruises we have strived to offer an unparallelled service to our disabled clients. Please feel free to check out our website.

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