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Thread: Contribution ESA but no Income ESA

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    Contribution ESA but no Income ESA

    Six months ago I received some inheritance that took me slightly over the £16000 threshold for Income ESA. I still receive contribution based ESA but now that my capitol has dropped below £16k I do not understand why I still have to pay housing costs, prescriptions, dentists, etc. When I phoned the ESA they said that my contribution bases part is greater than the income ESA, and I still do not know if they take into account housing costs, nor the fact that all my capital is in a separate account earmarked for imminent repairs to my house. My dilemma is that I cannot afford to dip into this account otherwise I cannot get my house repaired.
    Any advice please
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    Your contribution based ESA is a fixed rate and your savings are not taken into account.

    Income based ESA will be affected by any savings over £6000 at the rate of deducting £1 for every £250 (or part of) over £6000. So even with housing costs your savings could still be reducing your income based ESA to a point where it is less than your contribution based fixed amount. The contribution based ESA will always be paid first where, allowing for other costs, it is more than your income based award.

    As regards the savings being in a separate account for repairs to your house the DWP will not disallow this. It will still be counted as savings.

    However, if you have repairs to your house that are necessary and not just 'cosmetic' then you should be allowed to spend some of your savings on these and so reduce your deductions from the income based ESA.

    It might be sensible to confirm with the DWP that the repairs you want to undertake will not be seen as deprivation of capital. When you telephone make sure you take the person's name that you spoke to and make a note of the date and time. Ask for them to put their decision about spending the money in a letter (they may not do this, hence the need to get that person's name when you telephone) Keep the receipt for the works.

    Once your savings diminish you will then be reassessed for income based ESA.

    You will need to inform them when your capital/savings go down.

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    As you get CB ESA you aren't entitled to free prescriptions for medicines or glasses. Only people on IR ESA can get them.

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    Threshold is £6000 in savings for Income Related ESA.

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    Thanks for clarifying a few things for me.
    Even though I would not get more money, I thought = as did the local Citizens Advise - that eligibility for the Income ESA (Capital under £16k) should be in place and therefore I would receive help towards housing costs, prescriptions, dentist, etc..
    It now looks like that I do not have enough money to get all my repairs done AND pay mortgage interest plus temporary rent whilst repairs are done. Will have to improvise somehow.
    Also I am not too bothered about getting prescriptions anymore and I suppose I can get basic dental work after several of my teeth recently broke or fell out.
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    for housing benefits it matters not if you have CB or IR, the benefit is based on your applicable amount (the amount the law says you need to live on)that apply to your particular circumstances, IE you,partner,kids, and anything over £6000, the council will count 65% of every pound over the applicable amount and reduce your HB with it, same with council tax although it is slightly lesser percentage than 65%

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    How many people go here to help themselves

    Quote Originally Posted by AmyS View Post
    Threshold is £6000 in savings for Income Related ESA.
    I may have some inheritance but it will not give me a decent home, nor will it give me that self esteem purpose to live my life with others. I am isolated and have read so many threads on this site that sometimes it seams worthless to ask for any more help.
    The only positive advise given to me was from an ESA person who suggested that my only action was to contact my MP.
    I wish I had the chance to go to court which might have ended me - my only advise being to anyone who who is very ill is not to tell anyone about inheritance as, if you are anything like me, I abide by my Crown and the laws that ESA, CAB, and any arbitrary rules of the ESA are irrelevant, spurious and most of all, wrong.
    There is so much more to my despair than this so don't jump to any immediate conclusions from my these words.
    The stress may not be as much as getting on with what remains of your life!

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    Get those repairs done ASAP. Your home needs maintenance and its just a nice bonus that itll bring down the savings, meaning you become eligible for income based.

    Remember that its about using the money for essential home maintenance. These are jobs that must be done. Therefore the jobcentre cant argue that its done to deplete capital. Simply inform them that these are jobs that were long overdue. you were fortunate enough to receive the money that allowed you to do so. as soon as you received that money, you wished to get the work done.

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