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    waiting game

    had my assesment last wednesday ,stressed isnt the word,monday today waiting for post,dreading recieving the brown envelope the assesor said 4 to 8 weeks but got a feeling it wont take that long looking at other posts on the forum,its like being on death row waiting for a reprieve,this may sound dramatic but that it how i feel today,very down,dont think i can cope,post just arrived no brown enverlope,is it thick or thin when you recieve it does a thick one mean yes or no,is it better when its a thin one,all this might sound strange but if i put my throughts into words it helps me,every day i will go through this waiting,thanks to anyone who reads this post and dosent think im a complete basket case,

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    Is it for PIP? If so, you sometimes get a letter to say they have all the information they need, (claim form, assessment report etc) and you will hear as soon as a decision is made.

    It can take some assessors a few days to send the report. Once the report is with DWP, it is then sent to a decision maker.

    The waiting time can vary, for some it is very quick, for others it takes a good while longer.

    Wishing you all the best for a positive decision.
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    You could maybe call them, I called then about 10 days after my consultation. Told me there & then. Got the award letter a couple of days later. It's better than putting yourself through that anxiety. It's a vile feeling.

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