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Thread: IDS is at it again

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    IDS is at it again

    Because the WCA assessments for ESA haven't taken enough people off the benefit he's starting a new phase of reform with the aim that "claimants should be made to take up any work they can, even if it is just a few hours".

    Full story is on the BBC News site:

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    Glenda Jackson MP tears a strip of IDS

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    Why so surprised?

    He hates ESA and wants to scrap it, this is not exactly news.

    But he doesen't want to be seen scrapping a disability benefit so is attempting to re-brand it as a sickness/work benefit, sucessfully up to now because people believe the lies he tells.

    I spotted at least four outright lies in that report.
    eg. 'A binary system' - there are three possible outcomes from a WCA- FfW, LCW, or LCWRA - so not binary.
    I don't know everything. - But I'm good at searching for, and finding, stuff.

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    look out pensioners your next on his wish list

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmy2015 View Post
    look out pensioners your next on his wish list
    For what reason ? us pensioners have paid all our taxes and NI contributions all our working lives for our pensions, 40 years of Ni stamps, not 30 as is required now to get a state pension.

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    This is scary! IDS really has it in for people with mental health problems doesn't he? He has no idea about mental illness and the devastating effects it has on peoples lives, and seems to have made an across the board judgement that all sick and disabled people are lazy scroungers! Some people probably can and do find working therapeutic and good for their health, but for others being forced into looking for work when they're clearly not well enough will only make their condition much worse. Maybe he's hoping more ESA claimants will commit suicide as a way of getting his precious figures down. IDS would really hate me - I gave up an extremely stressful job which was making my existing health problems worse, made worse by the additional stress of caring for my husband who has worse health problems than me, so in my case working made me ill and since giving up I feel tons better. Reading other posts I see a lot of others saying the same thing, so IDS needs to stick his stupid theories where the sun doesn't shine! And I wouldn't be surprised if pensioners are next, but only the less well off ones - the Tories won't dare upset wealthy pensioners as they rely on their vote!

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    His interview on Sky news was so very IDS.
    full of words he knows will scare people
    sometime ago he stated how he felt it wasn't fair putting GP's in a situation they felt under pressure from patients for support
    today he mentioned the Role a GP might play. I think most would agree if he thinks a GP/Consultant is some soft touch that would say anything
    he really doesn't know them.

    does this change also affect people in the support group? making that entire section of ESA a complete mockery being placed in.
    The disabled groups yet again gave very wishy washy interviews making sure enough praise for the changes were out 1st then a very weak 2nd argument
    "but lets hope this isn't just about cutting benefits" when we all know that's exactly what its about. He thought making people endure regular reviews would be enough to get loads off ESA, He still cant accept that just maybe there are more Genuinely sick/disabled people out there than he would like.

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    IDS IS A FIRST CLASS PRAT I've said it before and no doubt i'll say it again.

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    IDS will keep moving the goal post in until the word “disability” is removed form the dictionary it is his hate political campaign against all people that can't work due to illness, I don't wish him any harm but..............maybe he should try walking in our shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Popeye View Post
    For what reason ? us pensioners have paid all our taxes and NI contributions all our working lives for our pensions, 40 years of Ni stamps, not 30 as is required now to get a state pension.
    because there will be nothing left for him to cut soon , except pensions,dont forget we are talking about a man who has no compassion whatsoever,for anyone,i too am a pensioner and wouldnt beleive a word this man says,

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