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Thread: Advice needed PIP

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    Advice needed PIP

    Hi wonder if anyone can give me any advice,

    I applied for PIP back in March, and was rejected scoring zero points. Taking the correct channels and with the help of the Brithish legion (I'm a veteran with mental health issues), I won the tribunal case on Tuesday and was awarded enchanced mobility and enhanced DLC.

    I have received a letter through the post today from the DWP stating they are writing to the tribunal services for statements of reasons made on the decision Ashe wish to consider applying for permission to appeal the decision.

    Is this just standard practice with every appeal or should I be worried... I have to admit I'm panicking a lot arm over this.

    If anyone has experienced the would be great to hear what the outcome is. alternatively be if anyone has any advice etc that would be great.
    Thank you

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    A good explanation in this previous thread:

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    Thank you, from reading that it seems to be common practice to do this ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WayneRoux View Post
    Thank you, from reading that it seems to be common practice to do this ?
    It does seem to be standard these days.
    They do have the right to appeal a First tier Tribunal decision on an 'error of law', just as you do yourself.

    However it rarely happens that the tribunal has made an 'error of law'.
    (It's much more common for the DWP to make one, often that is what the FtT pick up and overrule).

    Of course the DWP don't like being told that they are wrong and so have started to look at nearly every tribunal decision.
    Wasting time and money, and sending out these insensitive letters without considering how worrying the wording can be.
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    Thank you for the reply. Reading that has given me alittle bit of reassurance. The tribunal made me go into detail of incidents that happened to Afghan to be able to understand my PTSD ( they did apologise). As u can imagine it was very upsetting and I didn't want to have to go into that again.
    Fingers crossed its just a inconvenient delay.
    Again thank you

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    You should contact the adviser that helped and/or represented you at the Appeal and inform them of what's happening, if they actually represented you they will have been informed as an interested party when you were. If it goes all the way you will need their help, also you wont receive any payments until it's all done and dusted and that may be a long time.

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    It might be helpful to look at it another way.

    The DWP have asked for a statement of reasons from the tribunal services. This will show them why you were awarded enhanced on both from the original score of zero points.

    Obviously this is a huge discrepancy and hopefully the only reason they are asking for the statement of reasons is to see what went wrong their end and hopefully use the knowledge to improve their 'performance'.

    I live in hope!

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    I live in hope!
    It's a pity it isn't has you say, but the request for a 'Statement of Reasons' is notice of intent to contest the Decision and until they decide not to do that - no payments.

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    The tribunal awarded me 17 points DLC and 12 points mobility giving me enhanced in both.We only actually went requested standard mobility but the judge said we was intitled to more.
    From my understanding reading the forums his decision on fact can not be disputed only if they have implied the scoring incorrectly. ?

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    Hello Wayne,
    This is all a matter of Law, this is why I gave you the advice above, you should contact that adviser ASAP.

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