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Thread: Living with hip arthritis

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    Living with hip arthritis

    Hi just looking some advise with living with arthritis. I am a 50 year old male over weight (doing my best to loose some) my hip slipped out of place when I was 13 so was in hospital for 3 months pins put in each leg. Never had much bother after that until 2 years ago pain and stiffness started. But over the last years pain has got a lot worse and mobility started to go and could not work anymore from April 2015. Was given pain relief from gp and anti flam. These do work a bit but if I don't rest lying down 2-3 times a day I can't cope. Life is getting me down I do have a wife and 2 young teenage girls and they are very understanding just wondering if anybody knows of any other meds that can help. Think I need a hip replacement in both legs but scared of that ( do have a small tumor in my piturity gland ) any thoughts thanks

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    Being less active is a downer. I wouldn't like to recommend any drugs as they treat the problem not the cause.

    You might benefit from a few changes in your lifestyle.

    Eat more fruit and veg plus protein like fish. Stop the junk food habit.

    Exercise. When you exercise your brain releases chemicals that are natural pain suppressors.
    Swimming. Many pools have easier access like shallow steps with handrail to enter and exixt a pool, disabled changing and shower. And take a frend/PAfor free.

    You might also find an exercise bike either at a gym or at home would get your weight down but get those muscles working too.

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    Go for the replacements, apparently hips are much easier to replace than knees and recovery is quicker.
    I had a knee replaced in January and to be without that pain is a godsend. Well worth the struggle to recover and get going again.

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    Don't get into the hurts to move/sit still/don't exercies/lose stamina cycle - once in it's very difficult to get out. If you're in line for replacements anyway, you're not going to do any more damage by exercising, so keep at it even if you have to take more/stronger painkillers whilst you do it. Swimming is ideal, otherwise make yourself walk every day, setting a target distance and time and trying to beat it might keep you motivated.
    Ask your GP if he can refer you for exercise or to a dietician.

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    Thanks for the comments I am seeing a dietitian and I do try to walk everyday but I do get tired and sore but some times I get really down but that might becoming from
    The piturity gland not producing enough hormones (read that bit on the internet) at least with this site you can discuss problems and ask for advice with people who are going are had problems before thanks again guys

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    it will bring some trouble to daliy life,I think some excecise can turn the hip arthritis better.
    Vitamin B5 (D Calcium Pantothenate) can help in arthritis.
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    All I know is my pain has doubled in the last year and I feel my health is getting worse my mobility has reduced. Feeling very scared of what my future is going to be. Do have appointment with consultant at the end of the month. Meds just don't seem to take pain away any more. Starting to think I will never get back to what I was before

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    Hello, have you seen a pain clinic consultant? If not, you need a referral from GP but I have tried all sorts through them, not just medication, that included acupuncture and hydrotherapy. I found hydrotherapy useful for my joint conditions. Good luck, hope you find something that works for you!

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    Hi, my advice to anyone with hip arthritis is to have the hip replaced. I have osteoporosis (caused by 30 years of Carbamazepine for epilepsy) and developed osteoarthritis too. When I was in my early 50s I was told by my local hospital that I was too young and too fat to have my very painful hip replaced but when I lost 8 stone in 15 months (1,000 calorie a day diet and as much walking as I could do) my GP sent me again to the consultant. Once again I was told I was too young (I was 53) so my GP sent me to a different hospital (Oswestry orthopaedic hospital) and they did the job. Three years later I had problems with the other hip and other parts of my body but they sent me to the same hospital and my other hip was replaced 4 years ago. Have to say it's not a bad op and was walking without sticks or crutches within 6 weeks both times. I have put a couple of stone back on in the ten years since I lost it but I can manage this weight now without actually dieting (just stick to healthy low fat and carb diet) and have maintained this weight now for a year and apparently my MBI is only just above what it should be, cholesterol fine and bp ok, so it can be done, this weight thing, just that it's hard, even now.
    Hips are fine though, they're part of me that actually doesn't hurt. And as someone said, much easier to have done and to recover from than knee replacements. Good luck to anyone trying to lose weight and anyone needing hip surgery.

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    Apparently the best thing for arthritis is a PIP assessment with a non-specialist nurse

    My arthritis (which I've had for about 16 years) in both knees, both hips, one shoulder and several fingers should (according to the tick box on her PA4 report) last less than 9 months!, so roll on November when it will all magically disappear

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