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Thread: 20 minutes for a pip f2f

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    20 minutes for a pip f2f

    Hi I had a pip f2f on Tuesday, I was in a lot of pain and the assessor allowed me to lay on the bed rather than sit in the chair, to cut along story short she asked about my mental health along with my back problems, she said she would keep it short but surely 20 minutes is a bit short?

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    Mine was really short to. I really didn't belive I got my point across but i received daily living on the lower scale x. Good luck i know how horrible it is x

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    That must of been a relief to get an award. She said it could take up to 6 weeks for a decision, she was friendly enough and very understanding, I am dreading the brown envelope coming though x

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    It really was a relief. The dreaded brown envolope came 2 weeks to the day x

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    Hi Kempie....sounds like good news to me not bad...I've heard of a fair few assessments where the assessor 'cuts short' the f2f as it is evident the claimant is genuinely either in pain or distressed

    If you literally couldn't sit in the chair I don't think you have much to worry about. How did you get up onto the bed? From experience I seem to remember this being part of the test for me as to whether I could clamber onto a high bed unaided

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    Hey my partner came with me as she is my carer and helped, me luckily it was at waist height which made it slightly easier as i could use my arms to shuffle up from the bottom of the bed.she could see I was in pain walking to the room, I remember she made a joke about not falling asleep as I'd not long taken my medication lol. Thanks for getting back to me its so nerve racking x
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    I shouldn't think it will be 6 weeks Kempie....they say that so you don't expect it sooner....they type up report and it gets sent electronically and on paper back to DWP which takes about a week then DWP take about one or two weeks to let you know. Might be worth giving DWP a call 2 weeks after the assessment and asking for an update..Takes about 4 or 5 days from when they have made their decision to when you actually get the dreaded envelope depending on how busy they are in your area....Good Luck

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    Standard rate and standard mobility was my award. Got the letter back Thursday just found out my partner can't claim carers allowance as she already claims it for her som.isn't she able to get anything else instead.
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    Hey there ???? I was changed over to pip a year ago now. Thankfully I didn't have to go to an f2f . I was initially awarded standard living allowance and higher mobility. I asked them to look again as they said I could do things that I can't. I also asked to speak to someone before the review was done. I was 1 point off the higher level and they gave me
    The extra point. If you don't think they have given you the right level then question it. But only if you're sure they have assessed you too harshly as they can take away too. When I first got dla I had to go to a tribunal and persuade a dr, a lawyer and a carer expert why I needed dla. The dr even accused me of stockpiling oramorph, and tried to trip me up with something from my gp noted that he got the wrong date on. Thankfully the lawyer believed me and stood up for me. Maybe that's why I've not had to go to an f2f . Great you got your award

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