Hi everyone
I'm a newbie but have been doing benefit forms for myself and other people for many years so maybe I can be of some use on here....although the legal side of it all is way too complicated for me

Anyway one thing I have learned and that works well so far is to 'Work your way backwards from what would entitle you to the points' not work your way forwards leading with your illness

In other words look at the points you may be awarded first, if you genuinely feel any of them apply to you then be absolutely specific in your description of how these points would apply and use their terminology. Don't waffle

eg Can take nutrition unaided
This is about your physical ability to get food to your mouth without help

Use the words 'I cannot take nutrition unaided' because blah blah blah

Also make sure (and this will take time) that all of your answers are consistent across the board....check and re check
They are looking for any inconsistences in your form eg you can't walk more than 20 metres but you have a dog....tell them exactly how that dog is fed and exercised if you can't walk.......

Anyway good luck to all....we need it