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Thread: Just a rant

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    It's all about 'Targets'!

    Each hospital is set a target. For instance a customer must be seen by a doctor in A&E within 4 hours. Staff must answer the phone within 15 rings. They must complete say 20 knee operations in 3 working days etc.

    When the hospital is under staffed and they realise that targets won't be met patients are sent to the private sector to move things along.

    You might even find 'private beds' within an NHS hospital and these patients will be seen and operated on by the same surgeons as found working in the NHS.

    I've nothing but admiration for staff that work in the NHS as they work hard under difficult conditions.

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    It's ridiculous isn't it. I'm 50 and have arthritis in both knees which has severely reduced my mobility and ability to work and have a normal life. It's crazy making me wait till I'm 60-65 for an operation when they could do it now so I could go back to work, pay tax and not claim PIP/housing benefit etc. Instead, they'll do the op when I'm nearly ready to get my state pension, after years of paying out benefits and not collecting the income tax/NI I'd be paying if I could work full time, not to mention the cost of home adaptions etc. It's happening to thousands of people all over the country who need replacement joints at a younger age and makes no sense at all - talk about false economy!!

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    According to the BBC today the age at which they are doing hip replacements is getting younger, because the replacements now last longer.

    Nothing there about knees though, maybe 'bionic' knees don't last long enough yet.
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    Wow ranting must work. Got a letter today to see consultant on 30 March can't believe it hopeful ball will be rolling now. Oh to get my Saturday game of golf again. Fingers crossed I will get a date for operation. Ps any one half a double hip replacement or do they do 1 at a time. And does think a small piturity tumour will cause a problem with them doing the operation.

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