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Thread: What is likely to happen.

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    What is likely to happen.

    Hi all,

    I am due to renew my Motability contract in the next 3 months. Now please don't shoot me down I'm just looking for advice.

    After looking at several cars I have decided the most appropriate car for my needs has an advanced payment of £2,200. Basically due to the size and the gearbox

    Ordinarily I would just look for a cheaper alternative, but on this occasion the car I've decided on just suits my needs more and plus I'm quite keen to have this car.

    My concern is that I will not be able to raise the funds in 3 months. I do not believe I Would eligible for a grant so that's not an option. I know I Should have give myself more time to save but I have only just looked at the prices.

    Does anybody know what will happen if I place the order for the car and I am unable to pay the full advance payment on changeover day?

    Will they take my current car from me?
    Will I be given more time?
    Will the dealer withdraw?
    Would Motability release the car?

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    You need to pay for the car before you put in your PIN at the dealership on collection day. If you don't pay then you won't get the car.

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    Thanks for the reply and yes I appreciate that will be the case but I am actually seeking advice for what the consequences may be.
    Will they take my current car from me?
    Will I be given more time?
    Will the dealer withdraw?
    Would Motability release the car?

    Has anyone found themselves in this position
    I am not new to the scheme but I have never been in this position before..

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    Ring the Dealer and ask how much extra they'll charge you for using a credit card.

    Fact : If you can't pay on the day you'll end up without a car.

    If you order the car close to the end of your present contract you'll buy yourself more time to save the £2,200 because your present contract will be extended until the car is delivered.

    Hope you get the car you really fancy

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    It's why I left the scheme having to keep finding large deposits for a car suitable for my needs I would have thought dealer might charge 2% fee for the card and then I'd look to balance transfer it onto a 0% interest one

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    What car is it? Perhaps someone here can suggest an alternative with a lower AP.

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    I would second what has been said above; no payment = no car.
    Just my opinion but it's probably not a wise idea to place an order with a dealer knowing that you won't be able to afford the advanced payment come collection day, the best thing to do would be to find a similar but cheaper vehicle on the scheme or borrow the money from family/friends/bank loan (depending on your credit).

    If none of those are viable options it would be pointless wasting both your time, and the dealers time by ordering a car you don't have the funds to pay come collection day. I can't help but think this would sit badly with them and Motability - after all you are aware of the costs now and knowingly going ahead anyway.

    You say you wouldn't be able to apply for a grant so can I assume a few of the extras are more for 'appeal' rather than a medical need? If so, look into what you NEED in a vehicle rather than what would be a nice addition, you may be surprised at the amount of extra kit that will be included in some of the cheaper cars on the scheme. And if you have any money left over you can always spec a few more of the appealing stuff - just bargain with the dealer!

    Best of luck.

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    I have always paid the AP on a credit card - the dealers have NEVER CHARGED me a fee, as the amounts are huge (if they try to charge you, then walk out the door and find a different dealer, I bet they change their minds)!

    If I haven't found a 0% purchase card, then I will use a balance transfer Credit Card to shift it to 0% for as long as possible and pay the balance off monthly.

    I cannot afford to do it any other way. Like you there is no way I could save up the amounts without first knowing how much I'm supposed to save - the AP ££s change all the time, new cars are put on the scheme and your choice changes often at the last minute.

    Sometimes the dealer may want some of the payment from a Debit Card - so make sure you can cover around £500 by the time you collect.

    Finally, it has already been said above but I will say it again. If you have 3 months left, then order your car with 2-3 weeks to go on your contract to get the best chance of saving - this is exactly what I have done for the last 2 cars!

    Good luck.
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    This is avery good strategy. Perhaps ask also if any freebies can be given.

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