I live in housing association flat on the first floor and we have been told that the lift needs replacing at a cost of £84,000 for the two blocks. It had been put forward to the tenants by the housing association “do you use the lift ?” and we are being told that a rent rise of £38 per month is to be expected.
As far as I know I'm the only one that is registered disabled, some have a blue card for the car, now I use the lift for carrying my shopping up to my door with my trolley, if the lift is rejected by the other tenants I've been told that I could be re-housed, but this has to be wrong and a discrimination against disabled people surely. I have lived here for 12 years this is my home and able bodied tenants are dictating the issue.
I know people will vote with their pockets £38 is a big rise in rent if they are not using the lift, but we all pay for things in our council tax that we don't use.
Lastly can a housing association make us pay for a new lift in the first place, I agree we should pay for the maintenance, but not for a new one.