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Thread: check received from inheritance effect on esa and hb

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    I would wait until it clears and then tell them.

    Make a note of the date on the cheque, and the date you pay it in, just in case they want that.

    But until it clears its not officially yours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pmlindyloo View Post
    As long as you continue to receive income based ESA you will have automatic entitlement to HB and your savings will not be taken into account.

    All the things you have spoken about are unlikely to be considered as deprivation of capital. When you telephone ask them about what you intend to spend the money on. Don't forget to get their name!
    I recently received a large inheritance so Im speaking from experience, savings from 6000 you still get some benefits and full HB ,when your savings are 16000 or over they stop

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    Ok thank you all so much for your advice xxx

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    hi StueyR can i ask if you had any problems with dwp over what you are allowed its just my sister has decided to get married in Spain with her windfall and obviously wants me there. id love to go as ive never been in a plane or abroad anywhere my sister has found a hotel thats suitable for me and my wheelchair but as always it costs quite a bit when its a specialist room ect its going to be in may or September next year depending on when she can get time off work to make it cheaper for me it was double in july . ive looked into it and it will cost about £3000 including flights for my family of 5 for 2 weeks all inclusive.she will be staying at a more luxury hotel next door as she does not have to worry about the expense ect i know most people are allowed to buy a car ect as im not doing that im gonna get one through motorbility when i pass my test. im hoping they will give me the ok to be there for her special day and give my kids the trip of a lifetime normally we only go on haven holidays every 3 years as thats all i can afford with 3 little ones any opinions would be great as i dont want to ask them and just be laughed at. im the only family she's got other than my dad that is to ill to fly it will break her heart if i cant attend all this worry is awful when its supposed to be a good thing when you left a generous gift my nans house is now on the market so will need to get used to keeping all my receipts i normally chuck them for non warranty items do you guys think i should keep all of them including food coffees ect or just the bigger ones like the decorator and furniture ect thank you all for your help and sorry for my babbling lolxxx

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    There was no problems deciding on what I was entitled to. It was cant argue with that. So now I pay full rent and council tax and I dread when the time comes I have to claim benefits again, although it should be no problem(I hope)

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