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Thread: Oxford / Wantage

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    Oxford / Wantage

    Can anyone recommend somewhere to stay in Oxford or Wantage with parking ?

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    As you're seeking recommendations, maybe you need to be a little more specific with the type of accommodation required; but these may help:-

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    I can recommend the Malmaison Oxford hotel. It's a converted Victorian prison. I was 'banged up' there for a few days!!

    The conversion is first class.
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    I don’t know if it’s any help to you but I nearly always use Premier Inns and their disabled rooms for short term trips.

    Search the location required on their web but don’t forget to select “accessible” in the Room Type.

    Rooms can be cheap if you book along time in advance.

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    Search Travelodge as they have quite a few hotels in the area where you wish to stay.
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    There is a good one near the Debenham's store, the one which had a fire I know is central but parking in Oxford is limited, I would actually suggest looking further out say Best Western and consider one of the main frequent buses into Oxford centre although with the Westgate work a lot of the access has changed for the buses which I spotted on Sunday so watch this. I'm also thinking the only flat car park is behind the shopping center, and I don't know what access is like I'm afraid I wasn't near there. basically they are re-doing the car park and shopping center and this will take a few years to do.

    My suggestion park and ride or look at the colleges on the ring road near the centre, one of them offered a whole day's parking for something like £5 where as the council wanted £12-£15 including one on a temporary bit of car park possibly on some sports pitches during building works in the city. Using ParkOpedia (I hope the name is right) may be your best bet.

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