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Thread: Esa 50 review

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    Esa 50 review

    Hi i was placed on the support group jan 2015 for 2 years which i was told expires 2017 today i received the ESA 50 almost 9 months early has

    anyone else whose been on esa and whose claim is up for renewal received there forms early totally confused right now i was signed on 2015 if i am being reasessed now thats not even 2 years the 2 years does not expire until january 2017 any help would be extremely appreciated thank you

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    The prognosis date is a recommendation and not set in stone. DWP can choose to reassess whenever they please.

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    For your best chance to remain in the support group (and anyone else) treat this reassessment as though it was your first time filling in an ESA50. Send as much professional evidence (which backs up your limitations you claim to have) as you can, the more recent the better.

    It is more than likely the assessor has no previous knowledge of you, or even your inclusion into the support group, and you should mention this in the form.
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    Hi sorry you have had the form ahead of time just fill in as you did before with any new evidence you have since then and hopefully you'll go back in support group.

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    Yep same for me. Made claim Jan 2015 was placed in support group June 2015 and have just received ESA 50. Its early for me too. Hoping to remain in support group as my condition has not changed. As already mentioned the assessor is unlikely to have any knowledge of your current award best to fill out the form like its a new claim.

    Good Luck!

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    I too went for reassessment after 2 years on esa and after supplying all the evidence and medications etc, I got the feeling that I wasn't being taken seriously by the person assessing me and after having 2 strokes in 18 months and limited use in my right hand and short term memory loss to mention a few ailments, I received a call from the decision maker 2 days ago who had been going over my claim for esa who told me that the assessor hadn't completed my claim correctly and said that this would have deemed me fit for work, he said it was plain to see that I was unable to work by evidence I supplied and he was going to over-ride his decision and that I would stay in the wrag for a further 2 years, it make me wonder why these people have jobs especially those who play with peoples lives on benefits its hard enough for genuine folk who cannot work through no fault of their own. I thought id just like to share my experience with other members on this forum.

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    There is such a high turnaround of staff in the Healty Care Companies because of stress related issues, that the only way they can fill the gaps, is to offer higher wages than normal and, monetary induced bonuses for hitting targets (ie, failing as many claimants as possible.) You then must have a situation where the only people applying for these jobs are, greedy, unsympathetic morons. How else do you explain the outrageous decisions being made?

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    This form is a nightmare literally

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelawall49 View Post
    This form is a nightmare literally
    Isn't it just! Just filling out mine now. Seems to have changed since the last one I filled in.

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    The dwp claim to keep all the info you give them on these forms the truth is they highlight anything you say you can do and forget any history you may have that support your claim.

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