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Thread: Complaining to ATOS

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    Complaining to ATOS


    Just a quick question...

    Has anyone complained to ATOS about their PIP medical report?

    Like a lot of people my report was terrible, very inaccurate and full of well... lies! I am in the process of appealing and read something about if you using the medical reports for grounds of your appeal you should also complain to ATOS? That very often a member of the tribunal panel asks if the claimant made a complaint to ATOS (or whoever was the company carrying out the assessment).

    My report is a sham, I have considered complaining to ATOS but the effort it would take me to explain everything that is wrong would it be worth it in the end?!


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    If you want to complain then send the same complaint letter to both Atos and the DWP.

    Atos have a business contract with the DWP and if they know that you have also complained to the DWP at the same time then they will treat your complaint more seriously.
    I believe that there is also a clause written into their contract so that if they get above a certain number of 'customer' complaints they suffer financial penalties on their contract, and have to explain themselves to the DWP (and possibly parliament).

    Don't make the mistake of complaining to the tribunal, they are there to reassess your condition and evidence, they are not there to investigate complaints.

    Having said that, what you believe is wrong with the report will be the same in both cases.

    So you will already be listing your corrections for your appeal, it shouldn't take much to copy this into your complaint letter.
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    Thanks for the reply and advice Nukecad.

    Yes I have listed all the corrections and where I feel my disabilty has been underestimated I did this orginally in my MR and again in the paperwork I sent when requesting appeal.

    I have literally just copied my corrections along with all the inaccuracies in the report to my complaint letter. Forwarded it to both PIP and DWP today.

    Thanks again for the advice about not complaining to tribunal about the ATOS medical report, it was one of the things I was going to do as my medical report is terrible!

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    Hi there

    I do not know if this is relevant too you, but i did make a complain into my assessment but for ESA by ATOS ,OR MAXIUMS I wrote a statement Of Inaccuracies into their assessment and what was written and what really happens and on how my illness affected my life and body. I put In the complain about the assessor and what was not written and sent it to the complain department of ATOS and I did have a reply from them first acknowledging my complain then investigating my complain and a letter apologizing to me about my assessment which was not done correctly and wrote back to me in black and white that the assessor work was very poor indeed. They have sent back to DWP their finding about my assessment and I have been waiting to hear If my MR into my fail ESA will be change. So I believe this is can be the same for PIP.

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    Advice i was given was to challenge the medical report

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    I complained to Atos the reply i got was more lies just like the assessment.

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