I am so confused

I suffer from anxiety, depression, M.E. and am currently undergoing assessment for autism

I had a PIP assessment quite a few weeks ago and had a huge panic attack right at the beginning for which I had to take medication which made me sleepy and confused. I couldn't answer the questions correctly as I couldn't think about them properly and could only recall info from the previous day or few days. For one question, about taking my child to school, I answered the questions as if I was still taking them to school even though I haven't been well enough to do that for over 6 months. I was also highly stressed about not having anyone who was able to come with me and I had had to go by bus as I was stuttering too much with anxiety to speak to a taxi company to book a taxi. It was in my notes that I was suicidal but I told the assessor I wouldn't act on it because of my children, but I don't think they realised what a daily struggle it is at times not to act on it or make the thoughts go away.

In the assessors report it stated that I appeared teary and low, not that I had had a full blown panic attack.

Since the assessment my health has hugely deteriorated and my mobility is lower and my care needs are higher. I want to correct the answers recorded where I replied inaccurately. I have been told by a friend that this will trigger a reassessment, I can't go through it again!!! I have missed the cut off date for a MR as my health was too bad to do it.

I tried speaking to the CAB but they had no appointments at the main office so they told me to call into my local office, I have to visit there in person just to make an appointment and it's not easy to get to without a car which is anther reason why I missed the MR cutoff date

Please can someone help, I keep having panic attacks with the worry of it all. Thanks