I'm looking to get some feedback, advice, comments etc about my PIP claim reconsideration result, I am unsure as of yet whether I should appeal or not.

The original decision I received 2 months ago only gave me 4 points care however after writing a 4 page challenging letter I was awarded 9 points for care and thus standard rate for an ongoing period of ten years.

My evidence consisted of a couple of letters from neurologists - mostly just stating my brain and spine scan results and the 'moderate' amount of lesions in both, the 'probability' that I have MS although with uncertainties about my diagnosis due to recreational drug use. I must say that this evidence has been completely ignored from any and all decisions, I can only imagine that that is because my neurologists have never really given me enough time to even know how it effects me, never mind write a proper report!

Other evidence that I had that seemingly had the most effect were letters from my gp about my history of ongoing mental health issues

ANYWAY, There's a few area's where I believe I should be awarded more points, I think I should get at least 12 care and 8 in mobility. However I have no idea how the tribunal works. I obviously wouldn't want to lose the duration of my award, its just some parts of the MR decision are based on miss information and that doesn't sit particularly well with me.

So, I'm looking for some advice from people who know about tribunals, Do they re look at the whole thing again or can you just challenge the decisions that are against you and keep the ones that you think are right? I suppose that would be wishful thinking however after fighting to get what I've got the worry is of course about any possibility of losing the award/and or the duration altogether. Its quite a difficult decision to make really as once the chance to appeal go's I might look back and wish I challenged the MR, on the other hand it is a guaranteed source of income for the next ten years.

Time is running out for me also to decide, so I'd also like to ask those in the know what is a calendar month when it comes to pip appeals? is it 28 days or 30?

Thanks for any comments, advice etc..