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Thread: AKW shower seat pads!

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    AKW shower seat pads!

    Hi to all. Post looking for advice/information on replacement padded cushions for AKW series 4000 of shower seats for wetrooms.

    We had our original wetroom refurbished 3 or 4 years ago, when our social landlord (no doubt along with other local authorities) over a 5 year plan to update all social homes to 'decent standard' (homes in our area had option of new bathroom/kitchen/heating and the like, to bring all homes to same standard). Our flat already being equipped with a wetroom when we accepted tenancy.

    However, due to my morning regime (as others may know I suffer with severe atopic eczema from head to toe) including lengthier showers and use of soap substitutes, when wetroom refurbished, our wetroom included AKW standard shower seat with back and arms 4000 series.

    We have noticed since, that the seat pads, due to wear and tear, has resulted in protective plastic covering becoming thinner and coming away entirely in small areas, which makes it extremely difficult to keep as clean as required. We actually thought it was staining but upon detailed cleaning found that staining was not the case!

    Have now looked online to replace the seat and back pad for this series 4000 shower seat at '' and quotes are:
    Spare Standard Width Seat Cushion Grey 04270 £38.44
    Spare Standard Width Back Cushion Grey 04290 £30.75
    A total of £69.18!

    On same site, we have noticed that there is a 2000 series of shower seat and for that set of cushions = £24.11, a massive difference. Now looking at both sets of cushions, the website doesn't give cushion sizes and therefore cannot say whether a set of 2000 series cushions will fit the 4000 series-as user of same product may know, the 4000 set of cushions have 4, what can only be described as 'cow teats', which fit into 4 corresponding holes on the solid plastic seat and back to affix to these areas.

    My queries are, is there any other supplier that does 4000 series cushions cheaper that AKW, do the 2000 series of cushions fit the 4000 series seat, or does/has anybody think that the cost of replacing such items it down to our social landlord? Or is it a case of just biting the bullet and laying out the £70.00 and moving on!

    Just find it hard to believe there can be such a difference in amounts payable for cushion pads between 2000 and 4000 series, app £50 difference, and in general, that in respect of most matters relating to disabled that there is a premium to pay (know we have our own views on why such items are charged at premium prices)!

    Many thanks for reading and for any ideas or advice.

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    In the great scheme of things £70 doesn't sound a lot in order to have a shower.

    I've got to pay for my own wetroom to replace my bathroom. I've put it on ice until the Spring as the total cost comes to £9,000 and that doesn't include a shower seat - so think yourself lucky!

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    Sorry, Lighttouch, but actually shocked and somewhat disgusted at your reply and has angered me! You, more than most here, should know that all situations and circumstances do not fit or conform to 1 type.

    I, and no doubt many other members, would love to be in the position where we were even able to afford to save, never mind save up for a £9,000 wetroom (btw-I was advised when our wetroom was refurbished, the actual cost was around £4,000. However, not knowing the size of your bathroom, or what else is entailed within bathroom replacement, if cost includes possible hoist etc.)

    'In the grand scheme of things £70 doesn't sound a lot in order to have a shower'! Do I really have to explain what £70.00 is worth? Even worse, I 'should think myself lucky', really?

    I seriously hope you had imbibed at the time of making your comment at 10.41 pm, as this although no excuse, may go a little way of explaining content of your reply.

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    I know that an unplanned for spend of £70 would break me
    I would ring your local authority first before shelling out, just to find out if the repairs are carried out by them,,you may be surprised

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    I agree with Deebee, LA's often provide small things and if they financed the wet room in the 1st place then they should be liable for repairs.

    I also agree with Spencer, LT is very good about bragging about his money. If you read earlier posts by him about his wetroom to be the quotes were massive but nowhere near as much as he has just quoted, and he said it was a small bathroom.
    What are you having LT? Everything 22carat gold plated?
    In fact he said he had accepted an estimate and it was not £9000.
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    Spence I do apologise I should be more thoughtful.

    You should call your one-stop-shop who supply minor adaptations and ask them for a free replacement.

    Beau, yes I have savings. But they only came about through working over 38 years - I've been disabled for over 40 years and only every received DLA - no benefits. I just think other disabled people should be aware that the Government wants disabled people in work to obviously reduce the benefits bill. But should your disability get worse so you can't work the Government will expect you to spend all your savings on equipment and services that other disabled people who haven't worked get for free. There is no reward for disabled people who try to do the right thing so if working - spend it and have fun while in work - don't bother saving because you're just saving to fund your own care that others get for free.

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    LT, I for one have worked all my life until disablement halted it. I scrimped and scraped in that time and now get no help at all. Recently I inherited some money which I have spent on having my large garden landscaped and made accessible for me and added a conservatory to the house plus other home improvements to make it maintenance free. All done for my benefit.
    I now spend what I have and enjoy it, no point in trying to save, you are penalised for it.

    In fact, all the adaptations I have needed over the last 12 + years I have had to pay for. Luckily I get a decent private pension that I had paid into all my life

    I certainly would not boast about cost of anything, there are folk, through no fault of their own, haven't a penny to spare and live hand to mouth. We are one of the lucky ones in the money field.

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