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Thread: 8 mph Mobility Scooters and Epilepsy

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    8 mph Mobility Scooters and Epilepsy

    I can't find the answer to this anywhere, does anyone know?
    If a person has had their driving licence removed because of fits are they allowed on the road on an 8mph scooter or do they have to have a 4mph one and stay on the pavement?
    Surely, with having fits they are not safe to be on a public highway on any mode of transport.

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    I don't think epilepsy and scooters of any type mix. Time for a manual wheelchair in my opinion - preferably one that someone pushes!

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    No I don't either. I think it is downright dangerous to be in charge of anything motorised anywhere under those circumstances.
    I am asking because someone I know is doing exactly that and riding down the middle of the road at 8mph. At the best of times they are totally oblivious as to what is happening around them but if they were to have a fit whilst doing this I dread to think what would happen.
    Just wondered if there was any legislation as I would have a word in their shell like.

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    As far as I know, there is very little (if any) legislation about mobility scooters. If you can't find anything, it may well be that there isn't any at all. There was a BBC documentary a couple of years ago about scooters, in some areas "they" (council/police? - can't remember) had introduced test centres for scooter users. The problem they were facing was there was no way they could make this compulsory, or make eye tests, etc or insurance compulsory as there is no legal requirement for any of these things. The Highway Code will have guidelines about use.

    It would be good to think common sense would tell us all when we shouldn't be using a scooter. (And the middle of the road....eek.)

    If there really isn't any legislation there definitely should be. Accident waiting to happen.

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    Fliss, totally agree but this person has no common sense, their spouse has told me that they expect a knock from the police on the door every time this person is out on it.
    Will they listen to their spouse, a big fat NO.

    Yes there should be some legislation about using a scooter. I use a 4 mph one and am very careful and considerate to pedestrians. I no longer drive because of extreme dizziness, I suppose I could say the same about me. I go at the slowest speed and am exceptionally careful even though I say it myself. No way would I have a road scooter, common sense tells me that I would be a danger, not allowed to drive to me means keep off the road on anything.

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    There is some but I don't know if they enforce it. If it's 4mph its class 2 and fine, if its 8mph its class 3 and it supposedly "has to be" registered but I don't think they would bother till someone gets hurt. I think if they go on the road they are supposed to have lights too but again I don't think they would bother unless someone gets hurt. It is the same as the old invalid cars I am sure, I think you have to be 15 years old too, again I doubt they'll bother unless they have to.

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    This person's scooter does have all the legal requirements and insurance but that was only taken out after I had pointed out the pitfalls of not having it 5 years ago. The epilepsy is quite a recent thing.
    Just trying to find out if there is any legislation about fits and using the scooter on the road.
    Surely if you are not allowed to drive because of fits then you shouldn't be on the road on anything.
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    8mph scooter is registered with the DVLA and in the case of epilepsy needs permission from both DVLA and a doctor, even though no licence is required and it is a not classed as a vehicle by the DVLA.

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    Thank you for that. Have you a link for that information so I can forward it to the person involved.

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    I've found this which is basically saying yep can drive as long as GP says so. If you do not think this person is safe then perhaps inform his GP

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