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Hi so I have lung probs due to spine probs from when i was a kid so i've been under lung hospital for years didn't do sleep study test device thing last year but he decided to do it again this year and they told me i have obstructive sleep apnea, I rang and said i didn't think i did that i don't snore, drink or smoke and my oxygen levels have been 85-90 for years i have probs with neck and back and think it's to do with that so i rang to say this but she said those 3 things don't always come into it and on the test even though i didn't sleep much the times i did drop off to sleep the levels dropped a lot she said she'll talk it over with me when i go in as i need to get equipment off them for it.
So i just wondered if any one on here as it and if so can you tell me what to expect thanks
Hi freedomeagle
You might find this link very helpful to you.The Sleep Apnoea Trust Association Lots of info for you to read